Justin Guitar Songs App compilation from a Grade 2 third timer

Hello community! I made this for Justin’s call out for students using the songs app on February 23. Since it was about using the songs app I thought kind of going through different songs while using some of the features might be useful. My first video of several songs was over 19 minutes so this has been edited significantly :grinning:.

I edited this on my phone (so please be kind about the quality) to submit before the deadline and ran out of patience but since this is a video of me playing and my first one I thought I would send it up!

All guitar playing feedback is welcome. Details about me and my journey are in the video. It’s 5 mins long so to those of you that stick it out to the end you are tenacious lot and I’m grateful for ya!..…Rod


Hey Rod, it’s clear that you’re havin’ a blast and in your happy place with your Christmas present, Justin’s app and the sheer joy of making music.

I’m happy for you :smiley:

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Welcome Rod and thanks for sharing.

Lets hope its third time lucky. Should be as you have everything you need at your disposal now.
The app came out many years after I completed the beginners course but watching you I can see how it can accelerate learning. Some solid consistent rhythm and chord changes across the piste. Look forward to hearing more in the future.

And don’t forget folks are here to help, so when in doubt, shout.



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Fabulous stuff Rod, you did look to be having a blast.

A nice montage of songs there and I knew most of them as well :smiley:

Smooth changes and nice, consistent strumming. Keep up the great work.

It would be great to see you post one song in it’s entirety.

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Welcome Rod and well done for posting your first AVoYP.
I’ve not used the app but it looks and sounds as if it’s working for you and you’ve developed some good strumming techniques there.
Keep up the good work!

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Hey Rod that was great, glad to see you are enjoying the app I think Justin and his team by seeing those type of videos are over the moon seeing people enjoy it :slight_smile: keep it up and stick around, being part of the Community is an awesome experience on itself yet alone together with playing a guitar. All the best

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Terrific stuff Rod! I also used Justin’s call as my opportunity to post here and begin to get invovled, I can say already from the short time I’ve been here that the community is awesome. Great to have you with us and pleased that third time’s a charm (same as me!!). Carry on rocking out :metal:

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Great to have you here with us, Rod, you are rocking along in fine style. The PRS is gorgeous, a fine present indeed.

If you’ve focused all your learning on the lessons in the App then I’d encourage you to have a whip through the ground you’ve covered on the website. You may find additional nuggets there.

Keep on blasting!

Hey Rod. I enjoyed watching your first video upload. You have great stage presence. I like how you presented the App. Also, great lighting and the sound sounded good to me. Looks like you are progressing quickly. Looking forward to your next video.

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Thanks much! I just realized that the app stops at Grade 2. I’m on powerchords with Module 12 now and just two more modules to finish grade 2. I hadn’t looked ahead so I guess i go over to the website for the learning bits.

That’s a great idea to roll through the website Grade 1 and 2 courses before i start grade 3 I’ve already seen how a little more work on this thing or that makes a big difference especially on the ones you don’t like! Thanks again…Rod

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It’s so good to see that finally your having fun! That’s the most important thing about making music!
Carry on what you’re doing, your enthusiasm is obvious, go for it buddy!

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Hi Rod, I enjoyed watching your video. Very brave. Nice guitar too.

Just like you, I like the app, module 12 too, I recognized all your songs :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe we should be calling you “Hot Rod”. :smiley: - Sorry, I could not resist.

So many offerings, good play and engaging dialog. But most of all your attitude comes through as all positive and encouraging to others. Makes one want to pick up a guitar and go to work playing!

Keep up the good work and rock’n,

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That has been a nick name over the years that has followed me a little bit! Thanks much…Rod

Nicely done, you said you’re having a blast and it certainly looks like it.

From one Rod to another, Well done!

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