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From Guitar World’s 50 Greatest Moments in Electric Guitar History

48. YouTube guitar instruction (2003) Back in 2003, Australian guitarist, song- writer and educator Justin Sandercoe had a swell idea: Why not offer a few guitar lessons online to promote his private one-on-one lessons. Due to his amiable presence and the clarity of his instruction, Sandercoe became an early YouTube superstar, and his idea caught fire, inspiring count- less guitar teachers to do the same. And it’s free.


Given how many iconic guitar moments there have been over the decades, making the top fifty is quite something. :sunglasses:


Is it an online or print edition?

Kuch…TRY …they forgot the word “try”. :roll_eyes:


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Thanks @jbm @rossbd :+1:

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20 years. Time flies. I can honestly say that I would have stoped learning guitar after one year if I wouln’t found Justin guitar. Thank you Justin Sandercoe.


John @jbm
I see Justin gives you a mention on instagram, five minutes of fame?


In 2016, a year after retirement, I was looking for something to do with my time. I bought a guitar (Dean Zelinsky Tagliare) with no real plan for what I was going to do with it.

Had I not discovered Justin Guitar, I’d have likely done what so many do: fiddled around with it for a few weeks, then stashed it in the back of a closet where it would have stayed.

Because I did find Justin, here I am, six and a half years later, still at it.


Probably the most fame that I will get on my guitar journey :smiley:


That is fantastic and so well deserving. Justin created something unique and absolutely amazing!

Thanks, Justin!!!

The JustinGuitar brand is worldwide. We don’t always speak up but if it weren’t for the fantastic lessons, and the gentle, masterful nature in which they are taught, a lot of us wouldn’t be where we are today along our guitar journey. This is an amazing thing you all are doing and I proudly tell everyone this is the path I am learning on.


Justin’s friendly and simple approach has helped countless students and teachers alike. I’m always happy to spread the word. Glad he’s getting some well-earned attention from the likes of Guitar World. Thanks for sharing the article @jbm!

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Extremely well deserved


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Congratulations to Justin!!!

Justin made the list of the “50 Greatest Moments in Electric Guitar History”
#48 for YouTube guitar instruction (2003)

Best regards and wishes


@JustinGuitar Congratulations mate, what an achievement :tada:
Hard earned, well deserved :smile:

Truly well deserved. :smiley: :smiley:

Posted last month. Justin mentioned in Guitar World

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@markr31 Thanks Mark

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