Justin Reacts: Mike Dawes "Jump" (Van Halen Cover)

Fingerstyle Insanity! Justin reacts to Mike Dawes’ cover of Jump (Van Halen) played LIVE in his studio!


He is apparently speechless…

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Thanks for sharing this Teacher, and for all the good questions you did…it has been soo interesting to get to know a little bit of the creative process and to listen to the reasons he gave for the choices he made. Now, given that I could understand just a little part of all the technical things you discussed, there are a few teachings I’m taking from this. First - follow your ear even if it makes you do unusual weird things on the guitar neck :joy: Second - if there’s something you can’t do you can work out your own creative solution and maybe get something really cool like those alternated octaves on the bass note! And the evolving of the arrangement as he gained more confidence, that’s also something important to take into account.

Thanks again :blush: it was very inspirational and…yes…very much insane too :open_mouth:


Must agree with Silvia @SILVIA very interesting.
The photo looks strange, what he is doing with his right hand, it seems that when he does a hammer on he is muting the note from the shorter length of string towards the nut. Not sure if Justin was aware of this, but I give him the benefit of the doubt that he was and asked the question to enlighten the likes of me.


The muting above/behind the fretted notes with the right hand was discussed during the JUMP Intro and Verses section.

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Having been a big fan of Mike for a long time I knew exactly what to expect, but obviously not Justin’s reaction. Rick Beato was the same and so have been a lot of YT reactors, especially other guitarists (they know how difficult it is to do)!
There are getting to be more players like this nowadays but Mike is still the one to watch!

Love it. My list of new lessons to learn is growing faster than I can keep up!

What is that brand of guitar he is using?

Not so much brand as a special build by Andreas Cuntz: Cuntz CWG 23 Mike Dawes - Cuntz Guitars