Justin’s Beginner Blues Solo

Hello there!

Here’s my monthly AVOYP :blush:. I had to record this exercise because I don’t have anything else good enough this month. I’m currently working on a couple of songs, but aren’t ready to record. And as I didn’t want to miss my habit of uploading something every month (to track my progress and such)… well enough excuses :sweat_smile:

This is my attempt to play Justin’s beginner blues solo, I’ve been on module 13 for 2 months and a half now, and have been a practice item that I’ve been working on every practice day. I added after 1 month and a half, the practice of vibrato (hand style) and I pretty happy with the results. From not knowing how to do the movement at all, now it starts to feel natural (as long as I don’t have to use the my pinky, :joy:)

With this video I put an end to module 13. I’ll see you on module 14! The end of grade 2 :scream_cat:

And that’s it. Thank you in advance for your time :bowing_man:


Really good job Edgar. I hope you’re proud of yourself and your progress. Have fun with module 14 and the end of grade 2.

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Hey I recognise that one :grinning:. Well played Edgar.

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Nicely played good timing

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that’s pretty sweet pickles, this site has everything you can think of on here just think you can refer back to this vid years from now and see a then and now of how we play

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Nice work Edgar, you did a cracking job.

I’m in exactly the same spot as you, just rounding out module 13 and am planning to post up my progress before moving on after next weekend.

That solo is so ingrained in my head it’s crazy :rofl:

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Good going Edgar.
The best part of it is that you look comfortable, relaxed and are not rushing or anxious to get to the next note / lick. You allow the backing track to play and add your solo in just the right moments at just the right time.
RE: vibrato …

That is an issue for most players and most do not use their pinky for that purpose.
When practicing the minor pentatonic up and down as a scale pattern and exercise, your 1st finger goes on the 5th fret notes, your 3rd finger goes on the 7th fret notes and your 4th finger goes on the 8th fret notes.

When it comes to actual playing, most people use their 4th finger for the 8th fret when it is a passing note and you are moving up or down, not stopping.
But for a lick that stops on the 8th fret, try switching the fingers and reaching out with your 3rd finger for those notes. I am not saying do not practice vibrato with 4th finger. Just offering options.

Module 14 beckons!


Vibrato / bends generally comes from a pivot based on your fleshy part of your hand on the bottom of the fret /neck, pinky is the furthest finger and hard to control plus weakest

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Nice one Edgar!
I’m working my way through the electric and this is a very nice solo to start with.

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Nice step on the ladder Edgar, your timing and playing was pretty good, vibrato was there but maybe could do with being a bit wider but that will come with time and practice; all in all not bad at all for your level.

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Sound nice and relaxed Edgar. Plenty of advice on the table so far, so nothing extra to add here.

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Well played, Edgar. Such a fun study and project to produce.

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Thanks Maggie! Yeah, I’m happy with my progress. The improvement is obvious thanks to being recording myself every month :slight_smile:

Many thanks :blush:

Yeah, I totally encourage recording yourself periodically. It’s great having the progress recorded and a boost of confidence.

If you’ve been practicing it the last weeks/months, the ones that will have it more ingrained are your loved ones :joy:. My girlfriend is the one that is happier with me passing to module 14 :joy:.

Thanks for the support Richard :slight_smile: . I actually was tenser than it seems in the video, but I’m glad that the feeling wasn’t perceived as such :grin:.

Yep, I thought of that, but I saw Justin doing it that way and I kept it to have at least one lick that force me to practice the vibrato with the pinky. But I’ll probably avoid it if I can in the future. However, I feel the gap between 5th and 8th is quite wide for my hand right now. Probably I have to gain a bit more flexibility

Thanks Kevin! Yeah it’s excellent to start, and allows you to practice the vibrato quite well

Appreciate it, Darrell. You’re totally right, and it is good to have it in mind in the future. I will add to the practice item the note: “Zack Wylde Style” :joy:. In case you didn’t know him is a heavy metal guitarrist with quite an extreme vibrato

Thanks for watching and the support :blush:


Hi Edgar that was sounding great good job mate! Definitely ready to move on, congratz!

As a couple of people have mentioned already, this solo from Justin is also stuck in my head since doing the Blues module :slight_smile:
I thought you got it spot on. Great playing mate!

Great job Edgar. That sounded very bluesy. Well done.

Hi Edgar,
Hearing the music and playing along at the right time is the most important…Grade 3 here you (almost …just 14 and ) come :sunglasses: :clap:

Thx @adi_mrok @Dro_1 @SgtColon @roger_holland :blush:.

Very happy with the progress. I still remember the first days in which I couldn’t do some dominant 7 chords :sweat_smile:.

I’m super excited to almost end grade 2. That means that I’m buying my first acoustic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: