Justin taught me this one. R&R

I don’t usually play some Rock & Roll. But this one caught my ear. Always loved this song. Plain 'ol Rock Roll imho. I needed to give it a try.

Anyways, this is 7 tracks worth.
The bass track is off the www. I needed some glue to get this one down. I initially thought I needed drums, but in the end, bass was what I needed. The bass track seems pretty spot on except for the outro. Seems a bit fast out to me.

The other tracks are as follows. All by me.
Guitar 1, L, overdrive guitar
Guitar 2, R, clean(er) separate guitar track.
Two hand clap tracks, separate from ea. Other. One L, one R.
Vocal track.
Tambourine track to take the place of the snare drum hits.

So the only thing that ain’t me is the bass track.

Guitar tracks are a Revered Double Agent W (bridge humbucker PU) through a Princeton reverb reissue. Guitar one has a joyo vintage overdrive pedal engaged, guitar turned down to tame the overdrive, guitar 2 is w/o that pedal.
All parts are live mic’ed w/ a condenser mic by focusrite. So not a great mic.

I’m putting this out there. I think I have some places I’d like to do better.
Can you find them places?

I been working at this song for about 3 weeks. About 2 weeks to learn the song and record it like I almost wanted. A week editing the various parts.
Fwiw, this song sounds best when played loud! :wink:


Hi Jim - that was great - makes me want to take a look at multi track recording a little more. I’ve recording with a looper before, but never sat down and put together a recording track by track.

Really good Jim, I enjoyed your version of this great song.

I suppose it depends what you want here Jim. If you want comment and opinion on your guitar play then you’d need to post a one take version of the song. Spending a week editing and then saying “play it loud” will hide a lot of things.

Interesting. I never thought of editing as ‘hiding’ errors. Or playing it loud either. Perhaps it does.
Ya don’t have to play it loud if ya don’t want.
My comment for playing it loud, is I think this is Rock & Roll and Rock & Roll ya play loud. :wink:
One of the things it ain’t hiding imho is,
I get this feel that I’m lagging behind tempo at the 1st few bars, about till the singing is. There is also a place that ya can hear me stutter for getting in one more round of the guitar part. It’s a repetitive song, I almost changed but didn’t and I hear that. I was wondering if others listening to it could hear that, because I do, but didn’t know what to do about it. Short of redoing that whole part.
And I can’t hide my vocal error at the break. Where I need to sing higher pitch, but can’t so go to drop it a octave to my range.
Them kinda things.

When I recorded this, all parts are in one sitting, playing the whole song, start to finish, there are no splices.
My editing consists of keeping levels below clip and levels about equal for all parts or maybe some parts louder, others softer, as I feel I want the parts to fit together. In this song I initially had hand clap throughout the song, I cut that about in half, where I was hoping, less is more. Maybe adding any effects if I want them too, like reverb on vocals or something like that. Them kinda things. Not editing out what I think are mistakes (with a redo of only that part). To make that error go away at one point only with the redo. Not sure I’m even technically skilled enough with a daw to do that move.

I appreciate the listen and comments Gordon. I will keep your insight in mind. Thanks.

Thanks for the listen and kind words Paul.
Since I had never recorded up till about a year ago. I seem to be following the person who taught me how to record. In the past, I’d have done this with someone else (back and forth input as to what needs to be done better, or over, or eliminated). That is gone for me now, so in lieu of that, I do all the parts I want to include, w/o input from others. Which I wish I had. ie. I have no one to let me in on if my timing is off or not. Only my best judgement, which ain’t always ‘best’.
You play real good Paul, I like your videos. Give this multi track thing a try, it’s fun.
I also have several tunes I do where there are only 2 tracks, guitar and vocals… To me, the sky is the limit. What ever I want to do, less, or more. However I think I want the song to come out as.
Even just doing it once, w/vocals and guitar, like you do. Which I like as it really is straight up me, or you, w/o much chance of edit.
I think I need to do more of them like that.
Hum, I’m getting ideas for perhaps another song. :wink:
I think I could use some practice at singing and playing at the same time.

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That was very enjoyable Jim. Well done on playing all those parts as well. I loved the tone on the guitar.

Thanks for sharing all the different tracks that contributed to the sound - it gives a strong sense of how the overall sound came together.z The note plucked at 3:13 made me smile :0)

Great song and well played and put together.

Thanks Stefan. I appreciate your listen and kind words. Thanks on my guitar tone. A live mic’ed prri is just the tones I was looking for. Albeit, I really wanted to use natural breakup of the prri, but darn, it’s just awful darn loud to get it to do natural breakup (but it does it well), hence the pedal.

Thanks for the listen Sound_Bound. Appreciate your kind words.
Where I’m going with my recording is ‘me’ if I can. I played with backtracks many years ago. Now I want the music I play be me. I want whatever song I do to sound like the real song. But I know. I am not Neil Young, or the Beatles, etc. I never will be and will always be me. So I try to embrace that by doing my own parts, as much as I can. This one I couldn’t get the bass down good + I needed that glue of something prerecorded to keep me on track with the song. Hence a prerecorded bass track in this case. But mostly, I’m digging playing my own parts and putting them together.
Cool @ 3:13. Ya like them harmonics ay? Right on. It’s not my idea. That’s how NY does it on the orginal release in '69. :wink: I’m a copy cat as well as a happycat…

Thanks for the kind words and for listening to my rendition Trevor. The putting it together part is near as hard as playing and singing the song, to me :wink: I’ve not been at this recording thing real long and I lost my teacher for using a daw, so I’m at my own mercy now…

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