Justin the young pirate

I just wanted to share an early-days/daze vid’ ion our great friend and inspirational guitar-smith, Justin.

I went looking for Snow Patrol’s ‘Run’ today and this popped up from 13 years ago :wink:


Justin, amigo, great to have you around and keeping many of us on track… particularly those of us with some mileage on the clock with a need to jumpstart our mojo from time to time.




Oh the good old times!

Does anyone still remember Justin sitting on the floor doing his lessons? The days before the famous blanket existed!


We were talking about the old videos the other day because someone joined the community specifically to ask about what they thought was a screaming bear (it was a Tasmanian Devil) at the end of the early videos.
Do you remember that?


I think I started guitar and learned from Justin a few years after that and aw, I miss the old webpage design :smiling_face_with_tear:

Truly thankful to Justin for a boy who have no access to real life quality music lesson. I learnt 12 bar blues shuffle (and simple improvisation, ha!), how to bend a string, scales and basic music theory, and most importantly mentality =)

Yes, very well.

She Talks to Angels is one of those lessons, a 3 parter I think. One of the first songs I searched for having started the course :slight_smile: Justin looks very fresh faced in that one!

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yes, very young indeed.

Anyone remember the hand writen tabs that accompanied the lessons?

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Always so stylish, it appears. :star_struck::100:

Sometimes, when I count the years I’ve been here…I can’t believe it.
But I still love all of it and all of you :smiley: <3


:smile: Luv it!

Looks like I’m a Johnny Come Lately on the Sandercoe scene :wink: a mere 9 years


Time flies people!
Don’t forget to play guitar along the way :smiley:

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