Justine's vocal enhancement software

I notice Justin’s singing has gotten better. What software does he use?


Shamus Johnson

I think it’s called “Practice, Rinse, Repeat.” :wink:


I think theres a touch of reverb he adds?

He is definitely using an enhancement of some sort. I’ve listening to him for over 15 years. Whatever he uses now really makes a difference. Does anyone actually know. No guesses please.

Ummm, yeah, I dunno about that. It seems wildly out of character for Justin to use any sort of software to augment his abilities. I admit, I could be wrong but I really don’t think I am.

Posted in Aug of `22 detailing Justin’s efforts to improve his vocal abilities.

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Justin mentiones this in his lesson in reverb in Module 17

:bulb: If you’ve seen my song lessons before, I usually use a reverb plug-in for acoustic guitar and/or for my voice! Reverb is definitely one of my favorite guitar effects.”
But, reverb or not, I think he lifted up his singing a lot (practice, practice, practice).

The other day I was watching one of his video’s on reverb in the grade 3 section. He did say that he does use some reverb on his voice but that he has good and bad days with his singing because he’s still not a confident singer.

So I’m guessing it’s just reverb.