JustinGuitar and Music Radar

Justin makes number 5 in the list of best online guitar lessons 2023.



And it is free. Do agree when it says the site not being the easiest to navigate. :smiley:


Thanks for sharing this Stefan, I have passed it on. :slight_smile:

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What the heck does he have to do for the full 5 stars…maybe donate a kidney :confounded:
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:…just cut and paste and solved…


give away a strat every other day sounds good to me :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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i didn’t like guitar tricks at all……i just couldn’t get past the lady giving the beginner lessons ….sounded like church lady from SNL

Congratulations Justin, you’ll always be number 1 to the people that really matter.


Ha! I felt the same thing!

Aren’t TrueFire and ArtistWorks the same thing now? My understanding is that AW owns TF.

That makes Justin Guitar #4!

Truefire Studios (portfolio company) acquired Artist Works. Their portfolio includes Truefire, Artist Works, JamPlay and FaderPro.

Also, looks like a Fender buy-out, as the page is littered with Fender ads as well :smiley:

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I think they really underemphasized HOW MUCH of this site is free. They wrote “Free to join, packages from $9.99 a month for 6-month plan,” but no allusion to the fact that 100% of the ‘learn guitar’ part of it is free, and the charge is just for music theory. Not sure how they ranked a $250/year program above Justin. We all know we’re getting the best deal around! :sunglasses:


I tried Fender Play (their No 1 pick) and did not enjoy it at all. Justin’s lessons are much better.
I suspect Music Radar and similar reviews may be somewhat biased by advertising budgets🫢.


That was my strong impression as well. Which made me lose all interest in reading their “reviews”.

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It does seem there is always bias towards these large programs and makers sponsored programs.

Sure, that have tons of content and some very good courses, but in my mind they lack a coherent program. Which would come from private teaching either in person or online. Lots of glitz.

I think areas where JustinGuitar really shines is that it bridges these a bit with a larger but still very well organized program, lots of content that fits together, rather than a scattered plethora of cool courses. Additionally, it is presented by largely a single person, Justin, in a personal way that makes us feel like we have our own teacher who cares and is working with us, which then leads to a community that has personality and shared experiences.

To me that is all a much better value, especially when the content itself is so good as well.


I have not tried the other programs so I really can’t speak to them. However, when I went seeking the “best of” lists four months ago, I saw that JustinGuitar was on the top five of EVERY list that I read. It is obvious that he loves teaching.

I am just gonna say it, respectfully, right now… Justin is the Bob Ross of guitar.


I also tried Guitar tricks, found it to be not very useful and seemed to jump from beginner to advanced never understood the process was just me I think proffer and can relate to Justin way to go :slight_smile:

:rofl: :rofl: He just needs to sign off his video’s now with, “goodbye and god bless”. :smiley:


5th? I beg to differ!!


They need a reason to avoid so they picked something. I don’t agree,I think the site is great plus I don’t think those other websites have a community like that.

Exactly, I paid for a year, and then the interface, and then the lady, and then the whole ewwwwgh

What about Paul David’s courses, are they any good?
Rick Beato?
Tomo Fujita?
The guy in fedora?

I’m very tired of “STOP PLAYING LIKE THIS” and “LEARN LIKE THE PRO” in youtube recommendations