Justinguitar App and Mac

I’m sorry if this was mentioned before. I can’t seem to get an answer. Is there anyway to download lessons App on a Mac.

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From the Apple Store itself…

    Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later.
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Thanks Goffik. Maybe an iPad would be the more economical way for me to go. I could use google play. I’m not a fan of google

@Harry825 Just a little Macbook Air M1 would do the job nicely. With the M2 Air being released not that long back there are a heap of M1’s new and near new on the market for very little money (in fact similar in price to the iPad line - depending on which iPad obviously).

You’ll only run into price issues if you want to ‘beef it up’, but if you’re comparing to an iPad then the base model will equal or even beat the pants off the iPad re: storage, power, and memory (again iPad model dependant)

TLDR; I’d be looking for a new or near new M1 heavily discounted over an iPad for what you are describing. They are great little machines, offer more than the iPad imho and run the app just fine.

Just my $0.02

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works great on an ipad thru the app store. not sure what u mean by google play on ipad :thinking:

When I’m using my computer. Works fine on my phone. I don’t have an iPad.

New Mac out of my price range. iPad is like half the price. My Mac is older but it does what I need it for

You don’t need the app to view lessons on a computer, they are available and have more information if you view in a browser. Progress will not be synchronized to phone app though. Also beyond grade 2 are not available on the app. The lessons on the web are free.

i am getting the free online course on my mac. I was hoping the app would give me more access to play along songs and some of the locked lessons. Im still in beginner stage. Wrestling with the Dm cord. I can get some 30 second tabs on my phone. But Im getting older and its hard to see. I Never had an iPad and was thinking that the bigger screen would help.

thanks for all the replies. theres a lot of good information here

just looked at the M1. I really don’t need all that. and the iPad is almost half the price. But my mac is older I think maybe 10.6. Would be nice to have a new one. So now i have a new dilemma. LOL could always buy the iPad and with the money i save i could get another guitar