Justinguitar Clubs - a few questions

Happy to read that! I couldn’t join your event unfortunately, not out of a lack of interest, but for time reasons. I’m already looking forward to watch the recording!

Hello Lieven, I just can echo what has already been said - your class yesterday was excellent on every aspect :+1::clap:. There was lots of interesting input, easy to understand presentations, fantastic English skills (everything you said was easy to understand even for me as a non-English native), clear tipps and advice,…

I’ll definitely do my best to join the next session as well :smiley:.

Thanks a lot for this :hugs:!!


Hi Lieven, loved the session. Will be at the next one. Hope your pleased with the results as you did a great job!! See you in the next session, mate! :slight_smile:

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Hello @LievenDV !! Thank you for the lesson! I thought I had a pretty good chord and solo structure going. However after watching your first lesson I have now changed that up a bit. Loved the way you broke it down. I was on the right ish path. Lol. However now instead of practicing the harder solos and not concentrating on the chord structure, I"m gonna do it the other way. The rest I was already on the right path! Yay me!!! Lol. How you explained it made perfect sense in my mind. Funny how one person’s experiences can be so closely related to others!! Many Thanx! First chance I have to donate to the team, I shall. Sooooooo worth it!!

Peace out! Cheers, SOCIABLE and keep rocking brother!!!

Glad you’ve got some real usuable value for yourself out of it!

Yes; gain control of what is below and know how to work with the big blocks of a song
A solo (YOUR solo for example) can come later.

Exactly what I aim to do so very glad to read this!
Often, people are in the right way but need a little confirmation or some inspiration to try something or just slightly tweak something. I wish to be a little spark that ignites (new) motion in people!


Well you are certainly putting a new spark for me! Confirmation by one that has the experience is such a great feeling!! I am passionate about my guitar and hope it sticks. With the help from you, Justin, Richard and the others I seem be be able to keep there. Soooo grateful. See you at the next session. :slight_smile:

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Apologies Richard @Richard_close2u

Missed the whole thing, no internet access, spent the last two hours talking to sky engineer to try and resolve the issue which is an intermittent problem. Still not fully resolved.

Does the session get recorded and published?


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Figured this is relevant to @LievenDV Club live class. So figured I would post it here. My before structure and afterwards structure for a song that the chord changes aren’t exactly all the same.


On Dec 14th the schedule for Lee’s and Justin’s live classes will be quite tight. :thinking:

I’d like to attend both and hope they won’t overlap …

I’m new to WhatsApp. I have downloaded the app but don’t know how to join the group?

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Thanks, I will give that a go!

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

just a short question about the mail I just received concerning the date change of Blues with Justin (now on Dec 19th).
I’m a bit confused here…

This mail also says that there won’t happen any live classes on Thursday, Dec 14th …

What about Lee’s Beginner Club? Will it be canceled or postponed, too? :worried:


Lee’s Club still on as scheduled. It’s Justin who has swapped dates for Blues Club #5

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Thanks for your fast reply and checking this out, Toby :slightly_smiling_face:@TheMadman_tobyjenner

Yes, it is still on the schedule luckily. So let’s hope that it’ll take place as planned :grinning:

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Lee’s class is definitely 100% going ahead as planned on 14 December

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Thanks for confirming this, @Richard_close2u :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to Lee’s club today :grinning:

After Justin’s live event with class of 23 when he mentioned clubs, I looked in to them and was going to ask if they might have some scheduled for utc +8 (Western Australia, se Asia, Mongolia) Then I found you have already mentioned this.

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This may not be the appropriate place to ask, but I’m not sure where else I should pose this question. Work meant that I was unable to make the lesson. Is there anyway of viewing lessons that you weren’t able to view live or any plans to make them available?


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I was wondering this, too. I sign up for classes even when I have a conflict, hoping that it gives me access to a recording later on, but I haven’t found any yet.

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