Justinguitar Clubs - a few questions

Just received an email from justinguitar about the new justinguitar clubs feature.
Does anyone know if this will be shown after on the YouTube channel.
I would love to join and see what it’s all about but I suffer quite badly from anxiety and depression so for me using zoom which I wouldn’t even know how is a big Nono.
Apologies if something along this has been asked before but I couldn’t find any extra info.

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that sounds like the kind of question that @larynejg would be able to answer

The sessions will be recorded, James, but no final decisions have been taken to date as to when and where they may be released.

Recordings may be made public, but you can join the meeting without turning your camera on! :slight_smile:


I came back to say this! the FAQ section is at the bottom of this page

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@larynejg Also , do we know if these will be repeated because I’m not free until New Year, and even then time in the evening may be difficult. We dont keep to a usual 9 to 5 here.


Clubs should happen permanently, so new dates will always be added! :slight_smile:


If things go really well and more clubs are put on we hope that we will be able to host UK / Europe day-time clubs which would be mid-early evening in the east / far east / Australasia / Pacific zones.


We would love to have you around @Jimwestham
As said, you can join without speaking, typing or showing your face and I guess there will be more people joining in that way.

You can watch afterwards but I think it will be more memoreable ‘if you there there:wink:

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Sorry - I’ve confused myself here as well now! lol
That should read that the Invite suggest Tuesdays, whereas the website and dates are Mondays.

The clubs run by @LievenDV are on Sundays I believe.

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Thansk for letting us know; in the setup of the different mails, some mixups showed up but @larynejg is working hard to iron out all the details :wink:

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Hey everyone! Fixed. I would love it if you could CANCEL and then ATTEND again so you receive the new emails, and let me know if we’re all good. :slight_smile: It’s hectic here, so that any feedback would help! Please let me know. :slight_smile: Cheers and thanks.




Another question: when signing up for a meeting, we get a link for a What’s App group to join the Blues Club “to stay connected”…
Is there any specific reason to introduce a further communication/messenging tool, apart from the community platform? Will relevant information (only) be transmitted via the What’s App group? I ask, because to be honest, I’m not keen on joining additional What’s App groups and I don’t see a reason to communicate with other participants via What’s App, when this can be done here on the forum platform? Maybe there’s some reason for this?


The FAQ says it’s up to you. I joined the group but left it this morning.

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I know, James, I just asked myself WHY conversation should take place elsewhere, don’t we exclude those who can’t join the clubs for whatever reason?


The Whatsapp is for simple, direct communication of Zoom links, announcements etc. Joining is entirely optional as the info will be communicated using other means also.

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Hey, this screenshot shows you haven’t canceled. :slight_smile If you click on CANCEL, you will be shown the button to subscribe again.


I think I’m all good for the first session this evening. Is this a ‘watch and learn’ or is it worth having a guitar to hand?

i dont think it ever hurts to have a guitar in hand and at least try
i think trying does still equal practice which in turn can still come to improvments i plan on trying but will also take breaks as needed and i know i will make mistakes only because i am not fast or great at playing yet but i should be able to learn something

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