JustinGuitar Clubs. How does it work? Do I have to talk?

Hello, few days ago I got an email inviting me to join to the Clubs. I have few queistions and I am sorry if they were answered before, but I could not find it:

  1. Do I have to talk to all people in Club meeting? Like I am pretty shy in first meetings, but I would like to be part of Clubs, so I can hear and watch teacher and other people, would like to learn something during that meeting on guitar too.

  2. Do I have to have connect camera so everyone can see me? I dont own camera, but I should be able to make it with phone camera.

  3. I can see there are many Clubs, that are marked as 45+, for example Vintage club #11. I am 27. Is it OK I will join to this meeting because I am really excited or I will get kicked out? I would love to be part of every following Club because I mean it sure with guitar and I want to improve - not for earning money, but for creating music I enjoy. And I think its good to know tips for beginners and also methods for “older ones” - I dont wanna touch anyone by this statement, I dont have anything against older people than me. :slight_smile:

  4. If I join in and I wont be able to join to zoom when it starts, will I get some penalization with bann for some days or its OK? I am talking about I register but then something happen in personal life, so I wont be able to join to that meeting.

  5. I have to tell you that I am still working on my Grade 1, but still I would love to see Justin or other teachers live even when its recommended for Grade 5+. Can I?

Thanks anyone for answering. :slight_smile:


Hello Carreta. I cant answer all your questions but I joined few Clubs all without camera and there was no need for me to use microphone. Usualy there is 100+ people there and the microphones are on mute.
If I have any questions I normaly use Q&A option on Zoom. As the last part of the Club, the teacher answers all questions. It is good to write the questions in detail and not only “How did you do that?” because at the end of the session the teacher will not know what you are reffering at.
What I have found it is a good idea is to check the Club community pages as there is usually some material before the Club, so that you can prepare yourself a little better and easily follow through the live session.
And there is also resources published after the Club and also the community is live to chat and help about the content of specific Club.

Have fun :slight_smile:


Hi Caretta, welcome. No need to worry about the clubs, you don’t have to talk (most people don’t, just one or two occasionally) you don’t have to have your camera on (in fact the default for some of the more recent clubs has been that the cameras are turned off by the admin).
There are no penalties if you don’t turn up, although as spaces are limited it is much appreciated if you can cancel if you find you can’t go to free up a space for someone else (go to the same place you book, the button changes to give you a cancel option once you have booked) and no-one is going stop you or get upset if you attend any club for any age or level. You may simply find that the content is too advanced for you on Justin’s grade 5 clubs, it is for me.


Hi @Carreta

#3 The age group is the target audience. When we had cameras on, pretty much everyone there seemed to be in the upper end of the age group. I believe that I have seen @Richard_close2u comment it is fine to join, but I do not see where that was. Hoping he will comment after I mention him here.

#5 You are welcome to join no matter what grade you are in, but from my experience, very new topics may be too fast to follow or the techniques too new to successfully try while watching. Right now, @LeeMB, is trying to offer classes that target a wide experience range. I attended one and it was interesting to see how to get from playing a song starting at simple beginner and moving to complex more like the original.

Did you read the FAQ? Most of these answers are there. Scroll to the bottom of the club banners and just after the donate banner you should see the FAQ.

I have attended several of the clubs. As has been said, no camera is needed and they have turned off cameras now to improve the stream. If you want to ask question, you can either voice it yourself, or have the moderator do it. Both are common and I think it is also a little dependent on the teacher’s preference.


@bk2 @KimR Thanks for your time and answer. :slight_smile:

@sequences Thank you for informations - yesterday I had my 1st Zoom meeting with teacher ever and its was really nice and enjoyful, I really like how every member and of course teacher is no nice and kind… like you know, we are all here to learn something on guitar and its gonna be amazing. I am definitely gonna try every available meeting, so I can see what best fits to me, because I can understand there will be level where I get more frustrated than happy, but still I am watching some guys on YouTube playing something that I cant, but I got that inner need for feed myself with this content so I can go with feels more to guitar. :slight_smile:

@LeeMB Thanks for really nice lesson and well time spending. :slight_smile:

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You have had most of your questions answered and must have attended a club based on your last comment.

The Vintage Club concept was borne from wanting to offer something to the hundreds of ‘old dogs’. The target audience is 45+ but nobody is checking your ID for age if you wish to join.

The nature of the delivery of clubs has changed from day 1 as we have responded to user feedback. For instance, one thought that we initially ran with was the desire to actively involve guests, by inviting them on to screen to ask key questions, chat with the host etc. The comments received surprised us all and so the general approach was amended across clubs so Q&A was given its own slot at the end of sessions, with moderator or host reading the questions out loud rather than inviting people on.

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