Justinguitar Clubs requiring gmail / Google

I didn’t need to log into zoom.

I do indeed have a gmail address but not one I use for anything JG related. The problem is that the survey (which I haven’t seen before) is a Google Docs and wants you to sign in with a gmail account. There are other ways of doing surveys other than Google Docs.

Ah. They used Google for the survey. OK, looks like it is a known problem that is causing confusion.


I would amend that to: There are other much better ways of doing surveys other than Google Docs.

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Hi Toby, hmm interesting problem here. Zoom does log attendees of meetings, but I’m almost 100% sure it doesn’t provide their email address as part of that process, even if they’re signed in to their account when they joined (for privacy reasons I guess). However, a report of registered attendees will (if Zoom’s registration is pathway was used for the meeting), but I don’t think it was? :thinking: Maybe the issue is as @oztelemann suggests? It would be great to see some screen shots of the prompt they’re getting though.


@TheMadman_tobyjenner - do you have a gmail account at all?

I suspect like most users you have never signed out (I do the same). The path of least resistance. Be interesting to see which email is associated with your Zoom profile, would not be surprised if its your gmail address.

Yes as detailed in one of my earlier posts and I have a Zoom profile associated with it. So I now have 3 Zoom profiles. The original human nature easy option “sign in with google” no need to add emails or create new passwords etc. The 2nd on my Sky email account, so I could check open mic connectivity and latency from my PC to my laptop in another part of the house. And the 3rd profile I set up with my orange.fr email this morning.

Zoom on the PC defaults to my sky associated profile, the laptop and tablet my gmail associated profile.

I’ll use the new one for tonight’s Blues Club and see what happens with subsequent surveys. I would add that as I am signed into Chrome using the gmail address, the survey launched from the email (on my sky address) into a new Chrome browser window, hence no need to log on or in whatever.

Hmm, well it’s beyond me. You seem to have managed to escape the gmail forced default mechanism somehow. Congratulations … you outwitted Google! :sunglasses:

Have you tried opening the survey link in an incognito window?



Yes. Still wants ne to sign in with a gmail account.

There is a setting in google forms that requires a sign in. I think it is if you limit respondents to 1 submission. That would need to be changed on Justin’s end which would then not require a sign in. IIRC it asks for an email in the form, which can be non gmail.

It does ask for an email but it has to be a gmail account. I tried changing to the one I use for JG’s and it wouldn’t accept it.

It does seem that Google have you down as a marked man. Your last hope might be to move to another country and change your identity. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Hey no one does what I did !!!

Have the team had chance to have a look at this problem?

I’m not sure. I heard Laryne mention it so is aware of the problem.
Currently, their workload is …