Justinguitar Clubs requiring gmail / Google

I’ve had an email about " JustinGuitar Clubs - Blues with Justin" which has asked me to fill in a survey. Unfortunately I wont be able to complete the survey as the email showing in the survey is, for some reason, linked to my @gmail account and I can’t switch to another one. I tried switching the accounts but it doesn’t recognises my non gmail address. Email is a ‘required question’!

Why does the survey link to a gmail account and not the one I use for the forum and JG’s site?

Richard @Richard_close2u and Laryne @larynejg can you help with this?

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Stuart @Stuartw
Same happened to me as well

Survey worked fine with my sky account, which is the one I use for the main website, so not sure if it actually needs to be a gmail account guys.

Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner
Will take another look, but it asked me to sign with my Google account which is not the email address I use for JG.


Did you use a google sign in for Zoom ? ie “Sign In With Google” - It may be taking it from there.

I use my sky acct for Zoom on the PC (Justin and OMs etc) but my google acct on my tablet, that I use for “meetings” on a non-guitar forum/group. Different usernames and Id, if you are wondering why.

Tried another Club form and seems only to accept my log in for Google Drive, which as I said before not what I use for JG.
Tried to switch accounts and use my JG email but would not have it.
Some clarification is needed I think.

Not the answer, I use the same email to login both zoom and JG, but not my google account , which is the one the survey required.

But are you also logged into a Google account on that device? Programs are very good at seeing what you are logged into and assuming you want to use that account.

yes, logged into google

Log out of Google and see what happens.

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Tried the same but it wouldn’t let me change, as it appears to only want to use @gmail addresses. I’m signed out of Google.

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I’m out of ideas then. Unless it is cached somewhere. Programmers can do stupid things but I can’t believe they would set up a survey that only works if you have a gmail address.

This is one for the backroom staff.
I will alert Laryne and team

Alan see my reply. I’m not using gmail. Works fine with my sky email address. So this is not the case.

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Yes, which makes me think it must be somehow registering the fact that you do have, might have, used to have (or even one day in the past considered having) a gmail address.

Sigh… I guess it’s just another “smart” thing that computers do to make life easier for you (which actually does the exact opposite). :roll_eyes:

As the survey would only been sent out to those who attended the meeting and likely to have been identified from the Zoom participant logs, I would suggest it is related to how folks have logged onto Zoom @nzmetal Jeff any thoughts on this?


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This was mentioned earlier. Doesn’t seem to be the case.

Just set up a zoom account with my orange.fr email for tonight’s session. If there is a survey for that it will be interesting where it goes to.

I logged in with my google account (I also use another account for JG but registered in Zoom with Google the last time), and got a notifiction, that I already answered the survey. This obviously is the same form/survey I already answered two weeks ago, around the first JG Blues Club. So if you did that too then, you maybe don’t need to care about not participating in the survey. The Google thing indeed is strange…