JustinGuitar Clubs scheduled times for live sessions (and recordings)

3AM again :-1::-1::-1:

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I’m sorry Raymond.
My regular working day is from as early as 8am (though I only start my teaching from 10am) until 6pm UK time.

Currently the Clubs are geared up mostly for time zones more favourable to Europe and Africa (evenings) and the Americas (morning-early afternoon).

Justin and the Approved Teachers are in either UK or Europe time. The moderators Laryne and Fanny are in Canada.

Unfortunately the time slots are awful for those in Asia and Australasia and the East.

Justin hopes at some point to be in a position to offer at least one more club whose time scheduling sits in a different slot.

If, for example, A second club was hosted at 10am or 11am UK time, it would be much better for people such as yourself. But neither of the moderators would be available.


Or the videos of the clubs could be made available (like the first Blues Club from Justin was) so everyone who wanted to watch them could. It would even benefit those who watch them live to reveiw them as refreshes.




this is should be done with all clubs :+1:


Yeah, this seems like the obvious solution to me as well.

Aren’t we already doing this for the Open Mikes?

I would have loved to attend the last Motivation club, but it conflicted with my monthly Song Circle group. Would be really nice to be able to watch a video.

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Tom the clubs come under the Justin Guitar Teams control and I think there are plans to share the videos at some stage, their work load is huge. The OMs are run and organised by Community members and yes there is a core team but we don’t have the restrictions of keeping a business going. These are separate entities and should not be compared.