JustinGuitar goes... ad-free!

Being ad-free is a dream come true. And it’ll enhance your JustinGuitar experience and learning journey!


Happy to hear it, though to be honest all sites are ad free for me. I’ve been using an ad blocker for years. I realise that some good sites rely on their advertising income, and advertise responsibly and relatively unobtrusively. However, 95% of them don’t and I lack the time or inclination to check out each site’s advertising practices individually… so I block them all. Unfortunate, but it’s usually the case that one group ruins things for all the rest.

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My browsing has also been ad free for years. This website is an example of how the internet IMHO ought to be, a huge repository of knowledge without ‘click bait’.
My support is provided with purchases of books and ‘Time Trainer’ apps and so forth.
Pleased and thankful it is ad free, hope to have more sites follow.


Congrats Justin! It’s quite an accomplishment to run a website on this scale ad-free.
I view the ad-model as fairly toxic so I applaud you for going in this direction. Wishing you all the best.

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Thank you. I appreciate that this site continues to improve.

Perhaps I am missing something, but I still get an oblong box appear on screen that I clear by clicking on the X in the right hand corner.

I am still seeing ads.

So am I. Check this one If You Had My Love by Jennifer Lopez | JustinGuitar.com

I believe those ads are in the videos because of YouTube, not Justin’s site itself.

@pc429guitar just watched 4 or 5 lesson videos including the one @Stuartw posted and not one add. What browser are you using?


May be but thought we wouldn’t have these as no ad free.

Add free means there are no adds on the website like there used to be.
Google owns Chrome and Youtube so there probably isn’t a way for the add to be blocked in the videos if you are using Chome. I’m on my Samsung tablet with Samsung browser and checked my laptop Windows 10 with Firefox and it has no adds in the videos on either. So it maybe a Chrome thing.