JustinGuitar songbooks volumes 1&2

I purchased both volumes of the beginner songbooks. Are the contents the same for the Beginner courses you offer? Thanks!

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The songbooks are separate from the beginner’s course, though they do contain songs suitable for learning as you work your way through the beginner course. There is an older book (doesn’t look like it’s currently offered on the JG site, but I can see it on Amazon, etc) called Justinguitar.com Beginner’s Guitar Course (Book & 2CDs), which I believe corresponds to the classic/old format beginner course.

The songbooks followed the classic beginner’s course which is still available to view on the website. At the end of each module in the classic course those were the songs listed to learn before moving on to the next module. The classic course has since been revamped so the module numbers in the song books don’t quite align exactly with the updated course but you should find the songs recommended to learn in the new course within those books along with some additional songs. The song video lessons have mostly been updated too. So when using the books to learn songs watch the lesson videos too. You can filter the song lessons on the website by the book.

Thanks for buying the songbooks and helping to support the site, keeping 99% of its content free.
The Songbooks are grouped stages 1 to 10.
Those categories no lo ger exist in Justin’s beginner course which are organised by modules and grades.
If you ignore the label what you have are two great books containing a couple of hundred songs of increasing difficulty as your skills develop.
And you can revisit early sings with more advanced skills to play them in different ways.
You do not need the Coursebook. It has been superceded by the free and new beginners course on the website.