Justinguitar tabs

I still have an ultimate pro subscription. I want to know what the different is.
I’m pretty sure the one from Justin guitar is better because of the videos, but sadly I can’t print it out and use offline. Also, can somebody show me pictures of the tabs, so I can see how it looks.
Is it possible to request an acoustic version of a song like Killer cars by Radiohead?
And is it allowed to post a song you requested on Justin guitar here lie Anti Flag - 1 Trillion Dollar$

Hey Roland,

You can take advantage of a 7 day free trial that Justin offers, and take it for a test drive.
I have both an Ultimate Guitar subscription, and Justins Tabs, and utilise them both fairly regularly.

Cheers, Shane

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Ultimate guitar got too expensive now. 99 euros for one year. I used it every day, but maybe i take a look how Justin tabs is for a year.

I’ve got and use both.

Yes, UG has the advantage of being able to easily save and use offline but it also can be a battle to find accuracy.

The JustinGuitar tabs certainly seem more correct. And they are what I usually use to learn songs.

I’ll often save UG tabs and then edit them for accuracy based on the UG tabs.

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Doesn’t Justin also have a discount code for Ultimate Pro? I could be remembering wrong.

Didn’t see it on Justin guitar.
Ok, I will test it now.
What would be nice is an offline mode.
Song request is great, but all new request will get lost when nobody is searching for a song.
Maybe you make two lists. One with all requests like you have now and one with all new requests of the week.

That’s for guitar pro, not Ultimate :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you.
It would be great when you can add the song to the songbook when you search for songs. You can do it in favorites and practice assistant, but not the songbook.