Hi All!

About a week ago Justin sent out a Guitar Challenge via instagram and Facebook for submissions of a recording of recent lesson. I decided to take up the challenge and am happy to post the result here after what seems like a very long day. . .between work and family and trying to learn how to use audio/video editing software to make the production value of minimal quality to be posted on social media. . .quite a steep learning curve for me as I am NOT a social media guy nor very technology saavy. Anyway, I am LEARNING A LOAD about this stuff which is great. . .just a bit tired now. . .

Hope you all enjoy the listen!!

Here is the link:


The recording shows just how much I need to work on my “solo” skills. I am happy to say that this was the first solo I’ve transcribed by ear (other than Justin exercises) and I think that I came pretty close (if not in the execution, at least on the page) to getting it.

Anyway, hope you all have a great evening/day wherever you may be!!!




@JustinGuitar #JustinGuitarChallenge2023

Listen to John Mayer’s Shouldn’t Matter But It Does.mp3 by Gagan on #SoundCloud


Nicely played Gagan!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jgottwals Jeremy, I really enjoyed your production. The guitar rhythm was well played, good chord work, and it all sounded good. Well done on the over-dubbing of the solo and adding the video picture-in-picture. Look forward to your OM debut.

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Sounding good Jeremy. :+1:

Can you share a little more of what the “challenge” was and any lesson(s) it relates to?
I don’t do Justin’s socials (not my thing) and its not one that’s been put to the Community.

And if you are up for Challenges, you may find this section interesting.



Thanks Toby

The challenge was to practise a recent lesson of Justin’s and present a recording of it on Social Media.

We had seven days to learn the song and post the recording.

I took that to mean a video. . .now that the deadline has passed I am not so sure why I thought video because the challenge wasn’t explicit on that point. I am sure there were probably lots of audio recordings as well. . .though I don’t know.

Anyway, it WAS a challenge to learn both the music AND the video editing thing in that short period and it ended up being a long day yesterday as I alluded to in my OP.

The great thing is I LEARNED a whole bunch that I didn’t know before and my confidence got a shot in the arm because I was able to transcribe the solo from ear and get it onto the fretboard.

Granted, Justin gives a big hint where to start in the lesson, but hey, I’ll take any progress I can get. . .I’m not fussy. . . :rofl: :rofl:


Oh! Yeah, I was looking through some of those after I posted last night. . .ther are definitely some I will be taking up . . . as soon as time allows. . .looking forward to them!!

Have a great day!

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Thanks @DavidP I am hoping to be able to get a aset up that will take care of a little bit of that reverb issue I have,

Anyway, looking forward toworking out what I am going to play. . .

Thanks for all your work here in the community. I really appreciate your guidance around the webpage!!



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Thanks for that Jeremy and yes the audio editing, mixing and mastering is a whole different skill set but great fun once you get the basics down. Let along the added complications of video ! Enjoy :+1:

Nicely played. Solo sound good to me as well.

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Cheers Trevor!!

Where are these posted as I didn’t see any!

The challenge was posted to Justin’s Instagram page- at least that’s where I saw it.

JustinGuitar Challenge

I saw the challenge but couldn’t find any entries for it!

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If you click on the JustinGuitarchallenge hashtag listed in number 4 in the post, it will show you the entires. There are only a handful that I can see at the moment.

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As @Jenndye429 mentions below there are only a few entries for this. I was quite surprised that there weren’t more. Not sure why that was. EIther way, it’s all done and dusted now.

I had a good time in the process and learned a whole lot about what works and doesn’t work for video recordings at a VERY BASIC level. If the goal of the challenge was to provide an opportunity to learn new things then it succeeded in my case!!


I saw the challenge on FB, but tbh, for me it’s the wrong time of the year. I’m focusing on Xmas songs at the moment. That’s challenging enough for me :sweat_smile:.

No worries about your solo’ing skills, you have a working song going on and the general flow of chord strumming and singing is going quite well aready.

Keep it up, Love your voice for this song!

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Thanks Lieven. It’s much appreciated. I feel I DO need to start working more on my single note playing and progressing on that side of things; but I am happy with the result, for the limited time I was able to dedicate to it. . .thanks again for taking the time to comment.

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