JustinGuitars' song app works on bluestacks 5 android emulator (Dec 2021)

Just thought i would tell peole that his app actually works on the latest bluestacks 5 android emulator. DEC 2021

Posting this because i posed this question here in the forums a few days ago and was curious as to if it works or not. Now that i have the full app i can actually test it and am pleased to say that it does work.

If your monitor as well as your phone has the screencast ability then this is another option to “untether” youself from your phone.

I wanted to get away from using the phone on my right knee that is supposed to tap and bring the screen, somehow, to my monitor which is easier for me to follow.

I am also posting this as there are many posts on the internet regarding this very question and many are saying it does not work. Well, it does. At least for me it does. Your mileage may vary.



Glad you got it to work. I display the app on my large screen TV using a lightning adapter. Definitely a help for my old eyes plus it allows me to shuffle around as I play. Got to get full immersion!!

This was originally posted on the old forum by user Goffik. I haven’t tried this yet myself…

Hey guys, I finally found the answer to my own question, so I thought I’d report back in case anyone has the same issue. The solution is actually quite simple.

First, in BlueStacks make sure that the Justin Guitar app is not installed. Now open your browser on your PC (not on your phone or through BlueStacks) and go to Google Play. Log in with your Google account and find the Justin Guitar app. Click the green “Install” button. (It may say “Installed” if you already have it on your phone, but click it anyway.)

This will bring up a window with a drop-down box labelled “Choose a device”. All the devices linked to your Google account will be listed there, including the device you are emulating with BlueStacks. Simply click that device and the app will be installed “remotely”. For whatever reason, installing apps to BlueStacks in this way rather than directly ensures that your subscriptions get properly recognised.

Now just go back to BlueStacks, open the Justin Guitar app, and enjoy full access with the benefit of a full size monitor and far better sound quality!