Justin's £1k Andertons Gigging setup

So what do you think he would pick?

  • Amp
  • Guitar
  • Pedals

That looks like a fun festive season game, thanks for sharing Rob.

I’m not really up to speed on guitars, amps, and pedals plus the prices. But will have a guess before watching the video. I’m going to hide my guesses, so all those that follow and are so inclined can do the same.

My guess work

The only element I can opt for with any confidence would be a BK50, though depending on price and other choices maybe BK100 primarily to get the FX loop.

On the guitar I think he’d go HSS strat with coil split on the bridge PUP. Now is there a high-value guitar in such a style and config? I have no idea. I’d be considering Squier Classic vibe, PRS SE, G&L, Yamaha. I never watched that beginner’s guide at Anderton’s video, but have a vague recollection of people talking about an Eastman guitar, which may be the one.

As for pedals, perhaps a Multi FX with a looper.

Of course that multi FX unit brings another thought to mind. Could also go for a better multi FX with amp modelling, like the Line 6 Pod Go and pair that with a simpler amp, say an Orange Crush 35RT.

Now for the video …

I’ve seen it already but I’m pretty sure I could have picked the guitar, I likely would have missed on guessing the rest of it.

Yeah the guitar type rather than bran

I do think that I need to get my hands on something from that brand, they always get good reviews.
Maybe a bass, there is a nice deal on Reverb that I’ve been watching for a while now.

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Fun video.

I was thinking a rig for a person learning guitar, which messed up my thinking, sending me down the wrong road.

So for those coming after, perhaps reading the thread, note the context that this is a rig for Justin that he would play on stage at a gig. @RobDickinson maybe worth editing the first post for those who want to play the guessing game (maybe I am over-thinking)?

Edit … ok, I was just being dozy and not paying enough attention to the topic title :sleeping:

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Yes, didn’t realise it was a guessing game so just watched the video.

What I found really interesting was his initial calculation of around 60-70% on the amp, and the rest for guitar and pedals. I have often wondered if there was this sort of rough rule in buying guitar gear. I remember back when I was getting a hifi system it was 50% on the speakers and 50% on everything else.

I can see how that would work.
More than anything the amp is going to provide the greatest share of any desired tone, pedals, and guitar in varying parts, give us the rest.

There’s a lot of superstition in the guitar world about tone and tbh it all comes from the amp and speakers, with a bit of pickups thrown in.

The guitar as Justin says needs to be comfortable and easy to play

Just not sure how I am going to tell my wife that having spent $2,000 on a guitar I now need to spend $5,000 on an amp. :dizzy_face:


I’d choose the right time.


so me, being the cheap charlie that i am, bought a harley benton strat from thomann, a used Laney Cub 10 tube amp from FB Marketplace and a used Zoom G1Xon multi pedal device, grand total $250. I win :joy::joy::joy:

No time to watch the video this year, but if this has to come from Andertons and it’s for gigging.
You need something for tone
£400 for a Pod Go
£289 for a powerful FRFR speaker/monitor. I think Justin already has a Headrush 108
The best HSS guitar that you can get for what’s left over. Something like SIRE LARRY CARLTON
Two bottles of Shiraz with the leftover lolly :wink:


I enjoyed it. I susspected Justin would pick a strat and the Sire ones are very good.
Not sure if I would bother with an amp anymore. Even The Edge has left his amps behind now and I suspect we are at the edge of the end of the big amp for gigging musicians.

They’ll still have the cabs OK stage for vibes though…

Modelers are so good now and reliable but that’s not the point of this I think…

What’s interesting is justin chose the same amp as Rabea did last year, but this year it’s on sale and still £50 more haha

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My guesses for Justin would be:

  1. Amp: probably a tube amp combo in the below 40w range. Something like a Vox AC10 (may be too small), Fender Blues Jr., Marshall Origin, or Blackstar HT-20.
  2. Guitar: Strat-style guitar, probably with a bridge humbucker. Something playable, but not very pricey. Yamaha Pacifica, Squire, or something like that.
  3. Pedals: I’m less confident about this, but I’d guess pedals instead of multi-fx, and budget will probably only allow a couple. The amp will likely have reverb, so I’m guessing a drive (maybe a tube screamer or a blues driver), a delay (maybe something like a carbon copy or a flashback), and perhaps some sort of modulation if there’s enough money left (e.g., Boss chorus, or something along those lines).

FWIW, that’s pretty much exactly what I’d go for (which is probably coloring my guess), except I’d pick a fixed bridge tele-style guitar instead of a strat-style guitar. But I think Justin will pick a strat-style.