Justin's App Summer Sale - 20% Off Not Working


I saw the 20% off summer sale advertised on the site and thought I’d finally take the plunge so downloaded the app. I opened it and the pop-up for the 20% off appeared but I accidentally closed it (I was on a bus and had to get off!). When I reopened it, the 20% offer was nowhere to be found and nothing I do will make it come back. It just has the £80.99 annual offer. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it makes no difference! The offer ends on Monday so I’m hoping I can get it sorted before then. Any help greatly appreciated!

I should say I’m on iOS 16.

Hello James.
Welcome to the community and thanks fot looking to subscribe to the App.
You need to contact customer service
And Laryne

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Thanks Richard, will drop them an email.