Justin's interview in a random YouTube clip (a.k.a. content stealing+recycling discussion)

I have been listening to a lot of Steve Vai recently and YouTube decided to suggest me some so-called shorts. I think I’ve never watched a YouTube shorts video but the moment I saw this thumbnail, I recognised it immediately. One of the classic Justin’s interviews from the past (it was called masterclasses on the old website if I remember correctly).

It is fascinating for me to see how an old video got stolen, recycled, chopped and posted again on some random channel. (It might be a normal thing in this shorts business, no clue.) I know there is loads of music uploaded to YouTube and sports highlights, etc.

But I never encountered something like this. I know it is probably much more common and I am most likely completely unaware of it but just some food for thought.

Actually now that I think about it, I once stumbled on a YouTube channel where someone is dubbing all Rick Beato’s What Makes This Song Great videos into Russian. I don’t know where on the fair use part of the spectrum this type of “recycling” lands, but if I remember correctly he did link all Rick’s products in the video description. So I think it’s a pass in my books, especially as there you can’t monetise videos with copyrighted music in them.

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Half the videos on YT feature content taken from elsewhere… video clips, songs, photos, etc… so it’s certainly not unusual. You can even find whole episodes of TV shows which is a pretty blatant infringement. Not sure anyone really cares other than the people being stolen from, and half the time the thieves aren’t technically breaking any rules anyway, depending on the content they’ve used and what they’re using it for.

The joys of the internet.

The Steve Vai interview is one of many here:

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Good point. I just never thought people would actually repost other people’s interviews in some sort of a “motivational speech” version like this Steve Vai repost. At the same time, I owe a massive favour to people posting full albums of obscure that’s impossible to find anywhere else. So I guess it has ups and downs.