K-Pop Anyone?

Anyone on here interesting in any K-Pop? I actually started watching K Dramas and dug a hole to Korea. Now what do I do?


Keep digging Pat, you’re bound to come out somewhere interesting. As to K Pop, I know nothing as I have avoided anything that has pop in the title since the mid 70s. But who know I might be missing something. Let us know when you dig yourself out !

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Not at all. Not my thing.

But from a music pov they are doing some complicated things and usually quite technical compared to the bland western pop

god no

Not my cup of tea :grin:

The only K-pop I hear is K/DA. Which is a fictitious group from the League of Legends video-game :stuck_out_tongue:


Is that a cereal? Oh sorry…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::nerd_face::rofl:

I’m out of touch these days but they were musically superior to what was being released in western pop IMHO, because they tap into talent and influences from all around the world, and East Asian work ethic is generally insane.

They had a couple of really talented singer song writers… Roy Kim’s debut album, Akdong musicians and Leessang off the top of my head.

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Welcome to the club, I will PM you if you’d like :slight_smile:.

There is amazing list of K-pop and K-drama songs that sounds beautifully in their acoustic versions.

I know nothing about K pop, but If you’ve come out of the hole on that side of the world, you might want to nip-on ( :roll_eyes:) over to Japan. I have a good friend who is knee-deep into Japanese math-rock and could provide plenty of recommendations… :smiley:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: nice Brian!!! :facepunch:

I know about it’s existence, but keep far away from it. I just don’t like it.

K-Pop? No thanks, there’s plenty of un-inspiring, low-quality pop music from my home country LOL!

I don’t think it is nice to depreciate whole genre.


Not interested at this music

You guys don’t know what you’re missing. I hated K-pop when it was all image to me. The issue for me at the beginning was the dancing and the uniforming of the bands. But that was at least ten years ago. K-pop now just means music from Korea.

The Korean Wave in the arts is tremendously vigorous and inventive. It turns out the “idols” (just means a person in a band or actor) sometimes go through years of full time rigorous training. Their vocalists, style aside, can be sublime. Rappers ditto. The quality of the lyrics is excellent and subjects are not always typical. On a world scale, there’s nothing like them. And the crossover from music to movies is significant as well. A lot of these kids can act.

A lot of songs are half Korean half English. There’s a whole sub genre breaking out — American K-pop guys. There are also Chinese and other asian idols, because the industry is planning to take over a huge audience not just in Korea. And they probably will.

From a cultural and business model point of view it can be very strange. The fan culture made a great deal of BTS’s success possible but there is an underbelly of stalkers that can be toxic and brutal to musicians for arbitrary reasons. There are just a few controlling management firms. Contracts are generally awful. Of course, where there’s money to be made in music, there is corruption.

Like any other genre, it’s easier to be exposed to the most commercial, easy listening stuff. But bands in the 3rd generation are not all the same. Singer songwriters, rappers, should absolutely listen for new ideas. The K-rock guys are cool af. And there is an indie streak in them. I’ll leave K-punk to better souls. I think Japan probably does that better for whatever reason.

I was killing time at the vet’s office. But I’ll be back with some intro bands. You just can’t go on about how crappy music has become without getting recent with the whole industry. Besides. wouldn’t you rather find out that something new and wonderful exists? And how can it not be your taste if you don’t listen?

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Nope. It may be well crafted but its still commercial pop music and not my thing.

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Is it pop if they play electric instruments?

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