Karma Police by Radiohead Lesson

Learn to play Karma Police by Radiohead on JustinGuitar!

View the full lesson at Karma Police by Radiohead | JustinGuitar

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I like the new video format with guitar cover in the beginning. I don’t have time to learn all song tutorials that you release on your channel, but at least, I enjoy watching the new guitar cover every week. It makes me discover new songs that I may like to learn in the future.


Beyond stoked Justin has a video on this! I actually JUST started learning it last week using a couple of other YouTube teachers and was really bummed that he didn’t have a video on it. I’m just wrapping up grade 2 of the beginner’s course and am in module 4.2 of theory and, even though this is a grade 4 song, I haven’t had too much trouble with it. Anyways, thanks Justin! I ALWAYS prefer your tutorials over everyone else’s.


That sounds nice to try out, I will add it to my ever growing list.

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