Kaspers recording journey so far

It was back when we lived in a cave and grunted meaningfully at each other :wink:
I just checked and the old forum is still available to read
Here are some links :smiley:


Thanks,and I have almost … yes almost, sorry for my comment before this … I am behind and usually go from bottom to top on the forum here … soss… :blush::joy:


That is such an impressive list Kasper but the most important question is… can you remember how to play them all? :wink:

I thought that first Gary Moore track that you posted will brilliant, so maybe you’re overly harsh on yourself. Knocking on heavens door, well, I thought Slash had arrived with his band mates in tow.

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Thanks for the nice words…
In case anyone is confused by this enormous list of songs; It’s a revival of an old post from when we moved from the old forum to here. A lot of us posted a “summary” post, so links to old projects were not lost :slight_smile:

Sadly I can NOT still remember how to play all of them :slight_smile: In my experience it takes at least 20 repetitions of a song, ideally live with a band, before they really become second nature to play and part of my repetoire. It’s taken me about 2 years to catch up with my most recent bands 50+ song setlist - BUT, now I could indeed go play a show with them without even practising a single song (a theoretical case though, since I prepare and practise them each time anyway to be as good as I can be)


Been working my way through this list. What an absolute treat!
Truly great playing Kasper, and many of those songs are also aligned with my musical tastes, and are on my future hit list, making it an even more enjoyable experience.
Truly inspirational - makes me more determined to keep at it, with the aim of knocking a few of these out myself in the next few years.

Thanks for sharing mate. :+1:

Cheers, Shane.

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