Katana and Justin app

Sorry if this has been discussed already. I am currently using a fender mustang micro headphone amp for playing along to Justin`s app from my PC. ( via Bluestacks). I am thinking of buying a Katana 50 mk2 . Is there a way of doing the same as I understand Katana does not have Bt. -crazy—Maybe there is a dongle or something available for this ?-Thanks

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if it doesnt have BT then you’ll need to use aux in and a cable I guess

or buy an amp that has BT, fender mustang or the katana air etc

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A Bluetooth receiver that will plug into your aux jack is inexpensive and much more convenient than another cable. This is the one I use to connect my phone, tablet, or laptop to my Fender Champion 20 and Fender Acoustasonic 40.

COMSOON Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver for Car, Noise Cancelling AUX Adapter, Bluetooth Music Receiver for Home Stereo/Wired Headphones/Hands-Free Call,16H Battery Life-Black+Silver https://a.co/d/1EcWMCv


Hi Tom (@tommion)
You can connect the headphone output of the PC into the AUX input on the Katana. I use this config regularly.


Thanks —I did not realise it was as simple. Begs the question why didn`t they just do this in the first place. I have been looking at the Spark 40 but I will now probably buy the Katana and hopefully play along with the app. PS I am a guitar beginner of a few months


I use my config with and without headphones plugged into the Katana as needed for noise control.

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@nhh2oskr Yes I use headphones a lot which is why i`m on the fence a little about such a powerful/large amp

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I’ve found the Katana 50 MK2 to be a versatile amp (with the exception that doesn’t have an fx loop). I use headphones much of the time to spare my wife and the cats. I’m PC oriented. YT videos, mp3s, the JG music app, and misc apps (DAW, transcribe, etc) all play on the PC and get sent to the Katana. My guitar can use the various tone capabilities of the Katana, all with headphones on. When I want to play through speaker, I just pull the headphone cord. The amp power can be controlled such that it isn’t overwhelming in the house unless you want it to be. Also, I often play through the speaker when playing along to a song on my acoustic. Amp volume control is not a problem.

@nhh2oskr Sounds great. I too am a PC person and can`t be bothered using a smartphone. Luckily I live on a farm so no neighbours to worry about but like yourself wife and dogs prefer it with headphones. At this stage of my learning it is probably overkill but hopefully I can grow into it.
Thanks for your input.

Well now I’m just thinking this Tom. :smiley:



@SgtColon Ha Ha --well at least my guitar looks the same

Quick update–had a look at a colleagues amp and it seemed to fit the bill -great fun for beginner, so pulled the trigger on a Positive Grid Spark 40w. The Katana will have to wait until next time.