Katana mk11

Just got one and it appears beyond the first video he did unboxing the amp he has not done one since. But I would love ore info on patches etc. I’ve downloaded dozens and have yet to hear one that I can use every day, something warm, full body but mellow. Say a ‘clean’ sound but with a little balls to it.

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Have you seen the Katana Lessons Justin did? These are, I think, mostly for the MK1 Katana, but will apply to the MK2 as the difference isn’t that much.

Also, I recommend The Studio Rats series:




The link provided by Keith has several very informative videos by Justin & “lessons” that don’t have a video. I don’t think that link contains this:

I have the Katana 50 Mk II & really learned a lot from that series… one of my faves was the video of Justin with Juca Nery! Your amp can do some very cool things especially when you factor in the $ spent!!!
Have fun exploring!!!


Hi theconstantsorrows.

Try a clean setting and use the Blues drive in the Booster tab, with a little reverb to taste.
Gain about middle.
I use this quite a lot.
Its a good amp for the money.
The YT Keith mentions is really good for tips etc.


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