Katana PATCH: Kleen Start

A nice tasty clean sound with some choice effect setting to explore!

View the full lesson at Katana PATCH: Kleen Start | JustinGuitar

I’ve had the MKII 50 for about a year now but have only begun to look into the software side recently. I plan to give this a try out in the very near future and will definitely give you some feedback. Thanks for all your work and efforts guys!

I recently bought a katana 50. It’s my first amp and am having a blast twiddling all the dial and effects.

While I will eventually get around to using tone studio on my laptop, I’m try to learn with the local panel controls. Would it be possible to include a textual description of the settings along with the downloadable file. That way I’ll be able to “manually” dial in for example the Kleen Start setting.

Example format:

Amp: Brown
Gain: 1 o’clock
Mid: 10 AM
Reverb: Plate, 5 o’clock
Perhaps anything not specified defaults to off or min.

A lot of people probably won’t hook the katana to a computer, but they would sure love to learn how to make tones by using your examples.

The problem is, many of the patches, including “Kleen Start” include some of the effects that can only be configured from Boss Tone Studio.




Majik is right. You can start by dialing in the tone on the panel using the below settings.

Panel knobs

Amp: Clean
Gain: 60
Volume: 62
Bass: 59
Middle: 39
Treble: 66
Booster: Off
Mod: 18
FX: Off
Delay: 64
Reverb: 70
Presence: 68

Different settings need to be configured in Boss Tone Studio if you want to achieve the sound Justin created.







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Thanks @Jeff, I will try those panel settings.

I finally got my Laptop connected. the Roland tech support diagnosed my problem and told me I needed to update the amp’s firmware.

Tone Studio has a great UI and makes it easy to understand how many different effects are built in. It boggles the mind. A benefit of using Tone Studio is that it puts names to the red, orange and green options for each effect.

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The instructions indicate that this Kleen Start patch is only downloadable from a laptop/desktop computer. I’m currently running the Tone Studio on my Katana Air through an iPhone. If connectivity is through Bluetooth, am I out of luck?

I can’t locate on the web page where to download Kleen Start. The page said something about under the pdf. What pdf? And for the first patch Jason has put out it said to find the download under or to the right of the Google ad. I don’t see an ad as hard as I’ve looked. I wish he or his Tech Guy could make these downloads much much easier to move over to BTS. It’s become very frustrating and I’ve written to the Help Desk at least three times trying to get a hint of where the JGTR Kleen Start is located. NOW I’M SEARCHING HOW TO SEND THIS.

I think you’ll find it under the Resources tab, here. I don’t have a Katana so I’m not familiar with this content, but I’d guess the text was written before the website was updated.

Hi David, I’m sorry that navigating and locating what you want is giving you constant sorrows. :slight_smile:
For any downloadable resources, they are under RESOURCES which is located under a video pane when appropriate.