Katana Patch Suggestions

I recently purchased a Boss Katana 50 MKII. I love to experiment with new sounds. I’m an old guy and love Creedence Clearwater Revival. I was hoping that Justin and his crew could come up with a patch for a CCR song.

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Love my katana! If you haven’t seen already Justin has awesome lessons on them with free patches for various songs.

He also has an interview with a professional katana patch maker (he sells premade patches) who is awesome. Just yesterday a bought a patch pack from him for 6 dollars that came with very good sounding AC/DC and Metallica patches. I forget his name but there interview is in that first link so you can find him if you’re interested in buying patches. Relatively cheap too, the pack It came with 4 different tones.


Do some googling and look at the Boss library. There are hundreds of free patches out there. You may even find one that is just for the song you want.

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I am now logged in to the BOSS library…lots of cool stuff there. Thanks for the heads up.

I have seen Justin’s lessons and watched the interview with Juca Neary…great stuff. I knew that Justin was a big fan of CCR and thought he may put out a patch for one of their songs. I did find one at the BOSS tone library for Born on the Bayou. Thanks for posting.

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Hi. Lots of MK2 patches here: