Kate (lefty) from Canada

I am 18 months into this journey.
I started playing right handed, made it through the sore finger stage when I realized this was not the way I was meant to play guitar. All of my rhythm was in my left hand/arm. I noticed when I was driving and listening to music, I always joined in strumming my air guitar with my left hand. I also noticed keeping time with my right hand was challenging. So I started experimenting- flipping my guitar to the other side and just strumming muted strings. All of the strumming patterns I had learned to date were effortless. I knew then, I had to get a new guitar!
So after 5 months of learning right handed with the Fender App I discovered Justin’s Nitsuj videos. I rented a left handed guitar and started over with Nitsuj. What a fun time! Everything fell into place like it was meant to be. It’s been 1 year since I made the switch.
I play every day for at least an hour. I either do a lesson on Justin’s App or just play, sometimes both. Thank you Nitsuj for sharing the relearning phase with me.
My current song favourites to play are Hallelujah, House of the Rising Sun, Perfect (Ed Sheeran), You Send Me (Sam Cooke), Have you Ever Seen the Rain (CCR), Yellow Submarine and Norwegian Wood.


Welcome Kate and what an interesting story.

My brother is a left handed but he plays a right handed guitar upside down. This is not as uncommon as one might think.

I did build him a left handed electric guitar but strung right handed I think he prefers acoustics though.

What do you play?

Welcome to the forum Kate from another Canadian.

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Hey Katy, welcome to the forum. Glad you found the side that works for you. Look forward to hearing more from you


Hi Kate and welcome! Glad to have you here. Norwegian Wood is definitely on my list to learn at some point.

Hello Kate, Welcome to the community!!

That Nitsuj series blows my mind! I love that we can see it’s not only our struggle but everyone even good guitarists all started at the same point. Yes, some have more natural talent, but we all start from zero. Glad you found your style.

Enjoy the journey and welcome to the community :smiley:


Hello Kate,
Welcome here and I wish you to keep a lot of fun playing guitar :sunglasses:

Welcome to the Community Kate! What an interesting story you’re telling us! :blush:

Hello from another lefty! The nice thing about playing left is that all the regular right-handed videos are automatically mirrored for you.

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Welcome, Kate!!!
Great to have you here, and have fun.
Keep on playing.

Yaaas! That must be why I prefer to watch right handers play - lol

Hi! Welcome to the forums. :smiley: Your story reminds me of a girl at a volleyball camp I was in once—she struggled with her spikes, but at some point someone realised she was left-handed and something clicked when they had her start using it instead of her right. Pretty cool how it sometimes just takes a different angle on things for something to work out, eh?

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Welcome Kate, what an interesting story and start to your guitar plying journey. It’s great you didn’t just assume you wouldn’t / couldn’t play and made the switch you have, the Nitsuj series does so much good, it’s quite an amazing commitment Justin made with it.
Wishing you lots of fun and smiles on your learning!

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Welcome to the community Kate!
I hope you enjoy your time here.

Kate, welcome to the community forum. Glad that you discovered your best way of playing the guitar and the Nitsuj lessons to give you encouragement. Have fun playing songs with your new and more effortless playing. It proves that only you can know the best way for you to enjoying playing guitar.

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Hello and welcome to our community Kate. :slight_smile:

Glad to read that after swapping it all felt right and I hope you are enjoying your guitar adventure.

Hi Kate,

Welcome amazing how you new that it was wrong for you glad you made the switch and that your got the boost to move forward.


Hi Kate, welcome. Even with all the length that Justin has went in his lessons to cover what a student can need for his or her learning, every student is different, and he or she at various points of his or her learning will have to analyze what’s delaying or making it difficult and find a solution by himself or herself (or with the help of this community). Good you deciphered that tricky one of being lefty and not righty. I am left handed for some things like writing and drawing but play the guitar right handed.