Keep Your Strumming Hand Moving

You’re about to learn the most important aspect of rhythm guitar. And I promise you: your favorite rhythm guitarist plays like this! The full lesson is here.

I often practice in front of a mirror,it has been quite helpful,to see the movement of my strumming

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Torbjörn @Eastmann148

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Looking in a mirror is an alternative to a video, the down side is that you will not have a record of how you are progressing.
Michael :guitar:

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This strumming course should be a prerequisite, before starting grade 2 - these lessons are answering so many questions about why my playing just wasn’t right.


Mark @markr38655
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I am just in the position you mention just started Grade 2 but in need of improving my strumming.

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My favourite player tends to have a writs flick… JT Hodges - "Already High" (Acoustic Session) - YouTube



Rachel @Libitina
Justin did say that not everybody does it the way he teaches. Of course may be some different pattern he is doing but not really able to comment.
So well done finding somebody that does it differently.
Michael :+1:


I would venture that once you are more advanced, you are free to develop variations on form as works best for you. Justin is very big on basics and fundamentals so that is how he teaches at the beginning. If you have that, then embellished strums or whatever is done in a context of good fundamentals.

Basics is just fine by me.


He is more ‘wristy’ for sure - but he’s also doing 16th note strumming - when you get fast you need to use more wrist!

The key thing to notice though is how his hand keeps moving even when he doesn’t strum! It’s a great example of it.

I suggest starting with the arm movement because most folk seem to find it easier to lock into a groove and get control of the continuous movement thing, and if you develop that as a foundation the wrist thing will come easier.

Might be worth me addressing this in a video though! :slight_smile:


Hand movement got much better. My problem is to keep the beat. The foot is always taping with the downstrum but only when I hit the strings. Especially when the song is fast.

Keep practicing - and doing it slow enough to make sure everything is working right :slight_smile:


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When i am strumming my hand pulls away from the strings, its very aggravating i get my retheme going good then i start missing the strings.

This is Mark. I just started the Strumming course. I have been playing guitar for decades but my strumming is not that good. I my case I have a lot of bad habits to overcome.

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Hello! In the same boat with you…I was feeling just so discouraged this afternoon at all the things I can’t do properly as they should be done, like the basic C open chord for example! I’m doing this course too, slowly re-working the fundamentals seems a very good idea.

what kind of guitar is that? sounds real nice