Key of "Feliz Navidad"


As it is a song which is not part of Justin’s lessons or Christmas songbook, I’ve been searching for the chords for “Feliz Navidad” by José Feliciano, a Christmas favorite for my family and I. Does anyone here know what key the original recording is in? I ask as when I try finding tab or chord progressions for it, it seems that each one is in a different key, such as G, C, or A. If I want to play along with the original recording at some point, what key should I be looking for?


I found a song sheet for it in a Ukulele song book, intro is:

D G A7 D (twice)


Em7 A7 D G A7 D (twice)


D7 G A7 D Bm G A7 D (twice)

Found a simpler one in another Uke song book, it’s in the key of D and uses just 4 chords D G A Bm

If you send me a personal message I’m happy to give you a more detailed screen shot.

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Can you name and reference the ‘original’ please.
There must be dozens of recorded versions - in different keys.

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Thank you, kind sir! I’ll send you a message!


Oh, I imagine you are right about that! Sorry! It is a very popular song here in the US around the holidays, but I imagine it’s not so popular outside of the Americas. When I was looking up chord progressions for it, in one place I read that the Michael Bublé cover would involve more basic chords, but in a different key. I would like to, at least someday, play in the same key as the original. This may be a goal for next Christmas.

The original version would be “Feliz Navidad” by José Feliciano released in 1970 by RCA Victor records.

Here is a YouTube video:

Thanks again!

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