Kids In America - The Comfortably Strange

Hi All,

Happy “almost” Hallowe’en - depending where you live.

Someone, (was it Lbro?), suggested Katja and I try a duet. Well, this isn’t it, but probably as close as it will get - I do lend some backing vocals.
It’s a slightly rocked up version of the 80s classic.

Easy to play, which is always a bonus, and a guilty pleasure sing along to boot.

Thanks for checking out and any feedback.

Have a good one.



Dirty guitars and Katja’s vox, I am in heaven. Great spin on this old one (still a bit modern for me!). Loved the arrangement and as usual a top notch CS production but doubt you’d launch under that banner. :rofl:

Beer o’clock and replay. Pump up the volume.

Oh the BV did ok :wink:


That’s awesome! Cool song choice too, always enjoy when that comes on the radio, and you’ve totally nailed it! Great vocals, great guitar, great production, great all round! Super impressed! :clap: :clap: :clap:

As Robbie Robertson said: Oh, this is sure stirring up some ghosts for me

I had a heavy crush on Ms Wilde when I was a teenager and always enjoyed listening to this song :smiley:
you guys nailed it- well almost completely.
Suits Katja superbly and loved the arrangement. I thought you could have given the Woah oh’s a little more welly, but you made up for it with an improved outro.
Bravo! :sunglasses:

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Whooah, love it, Digger.

I’m one of legion who was a high-schooler back in '81 and loved this song (and Checkered Love). Katja is superb (always is) but really nailed the vibe of the original in this performance. I trust you pass on all the compliments from her fan club here in the JGverse.

And the rest rocked along in fine style.

What grand memories!

Another amazing production, another great tune! :metal: :metal:

Excellent, loved it!
Brings back some fun memories for me, the crazy things we used to get up to!
Katja has just the voice for this, she was magic! The whole production was more interesting than the original and I liked it a lot.
Very well done both of you :+1::+1::+1:

Wow just wow Digger! Great playing, vocals the lot. That was the complete package! :sunglasses:

What a stunning version.

I’m another one who was in school when the original came out.

The Wilde family were actually local to where I grew up and could be seen around the village occasionally, as Marty Wilde’s recording studio was based there.



Hey Digs,
Of course it was LB that suggested a duet from you two. Nice cover and see, it was not so bad mate! Now that you have this under your belt, you can progress to the duet! :slight_smile:

Great production on this and a cover to boot, how nice is that? I liked it all, vox, guitars and other instruments…

I think the deal is this. You folks will do well at a duet. But the hard part is finding one you like, that works and you can do. I really think you should give it a go… Up the gusto and charge into it full bore!

All the best to you and Katja!

Thanks all for the kind words.

Yeah, takes me back to school days too, though Katja would still have been a twinkle in her mum and dad’s eyes. :slight_smile:

I love 80s music - may well have to visit some more - plenty of great stuff to go at.

Better times in many ways.

Majik - how cool is that. I think the only “celeb” in our village was a z-list footballer.

Thanks again.


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Stephen that was brilliant. I took might right back to my youth and going to the local youth club, where many a good hour was spent listening and dancing to the tunes the DJ would play.

Excellent cover by both of you.

Stephen, that was absolutely fantastic mate. I’m an 80s kid and I love 80s music. It takes me right back to my childhood. You and Katja done a great job with it and I agree with @LBro that there are some great songs (including your originals) that are perfect with just Katja’s vocals but there are also some great ones for a duet that I think the both of you would blow the rooftops down.