Killing me softly _ Cover

Hi folks,

Here I’ve got this cover of the Begineer’s Songbook Stage 4 song “Killing me softly”, more inspired in the Fugees version but with a different approach. I also made a childish storytelling video just for a bit of a laugh xD

Hope you find it enjoyable. Have a nice weekend!


One time!

Another enjoyable one José. You just maybe need to now be singing a few lines in your songs. :wink:


Sure! I will sing some songs in English in the future just for a bit of fun :v:

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Lovely arrangement and polished production, Jose.

I was going to suggest that if singing is not your thing, then at some point you could consider inviting some of those in the Community who enjoy both singing and collaborating to contribute vocals to your productions.

While I enjoyed the video (‘childish’ not the word I’d have chosen, but could be an English translation thing) and the lyrics which I was hearing in my head, I’d have preferred somebody actually singing. If you sing then maybe have a crack and re-post this video with an audio that includes your vocals.

If you love the song then you may want to take a look at a similar production I did a few years back with my wife, also with a similar video Killing Me Softly 20190907 - YouTube I don’t make a habit of linking in other folk’s topics to my productions, but felt you may enjoy it. Feel free to ignore and happy to edit out as well.


Hi Jose. Another terrific video/audio production. Very cleverly produced and presented.

However (and now I’ll make myself unpopular). The elephant in the room here and in your previous posts is “where’s the guitar”. Call me mister picky but this is a guitar learning/instruction forum. :woozy_face:

I’m now ducking behind a wall awaiting the barrage of disagreement. :smiley:

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Hola Jose… and Olé! :sunglasses:

One thing I enjoy about your posts is the variety- from edgy Hispano-punk to laid back lounge-lizard tunes like this. This is a good production for what it sets out to be. Bravo!

@sairfingers, you might want to visit specsavers. I believe they do hearing aids as well. I was convinced there was a fine sounding rhythm guitar accompanying throughout, as well as the beautiful Fugee tinny riff :wink: (You can come out from behind the wall now :rofl:)

Seeing as @DavidP is video-bombing, I shall link my offering (from very early in my journey) where I treated the lyrics a bit irreverently. Not because it’s good, but in the hope it makes you smile :smiley:


Totally agree. Let’s have the whole thing again but without the backing track…

Plus the “beautiful Fugee tinny riff” on guitar too. Let’s showcase our guitar talents here please.

If you play along to someone else’s loud backing track or original and it’s difficult to hear the guitar, that can be annoying. But if someone goes to the trouble of creating their own multi-instrument recording (including guitar), I see that as a positive thing that should be encouraged and applauded :smiley:
I enjoy when you sing along to your guitar playing, Rory. I’m not sure what the difference is apart from the voice being a different instrument? :thinking:


@brianlarsen A classic Larsen re-working, and I am smiling broadly.

Forgive us, Jose.

I’m with Brian in terms of appreciating people’s music productions. I do like the arrangements to have significant guitar and enjoyed the rhythm guitar in this production.

And even though I jumped on the bandwagon, I suggest if there is more people want to say, perhaps it warrants a Topic in Just Chatting, rather than a potentially active discussion in this AVOYP topic (and yes, I know I committed the first off topic moment)


Hi José,
Nice song and a nice production :sunglasses: :clap:…I`m not a big fan of that sound of the voice substitute (but I also have that when I listen to the song on app through fellow community members)…it would indeed be great if someone would sing the lyrics or have a growling guitar take over the lyrics or else learn to play the saxophone that always works well…I also really liked your video by the way :sunglasses: :clap:

And now for the important side issues… :thinking:

Now Messrs David And Brian…
…video bombs of your own :scream:,1 is already shocking, but now just two???
Bad boys Bad boys!!!

You even have the video on hidden … admittedly, there was a lot of bad about it :smile:, but at the end it really goes :speak_no_evil: and I start laughing, but then it gets really hilarious :rofl:

really watch until the end José :sunglasses: :laughing:
Thank you for your song it makes my day this way how it turned out :bouquet:



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There’s a guitar rhythm, you might need to listen carefully

Hi David, thanks for your feedback,
Your cover is stunning, the arpeggiated guitar sounds awesome, as well as the vocals. Beautiful and very organic sound.

As to the people singing my songs, I will remind everyone to feeling free to grab the recording and sing. I did a Ramones cover in December and @brianlarsen sang it and also played it with his guitar! :sunglasses:

The fact that I’m recording the melody in these last tunes is because I’m using them as a way to do some ear training and understand how the melody fits on the scale and so on.

However, when I record a “That’s alright mamma”, “I walk the line” or “Polly” cover, just to give some examples, there obviously must be vocals.

Thanks again for your advice, David! Have an awesome weekend!

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Yeah, vocals are always preferable and, as usual, I remind you all that you can feel free to record vocals with these covers, like Brian stunningly did in december with “Questioningly” :sunglasses:

The fact that I record the vocals with the keyboard is just cause I’m trying to do some ear training and all that, but if someone I keep the recordings in cakewalk and I can remove the track where I recorded the melody so that anyone can sing there.

Thanks once more for your nice words and appreciated advice!

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Yeah Brian, I can’t understand why some people prefer to see me playing in a super bad quality video instead of this format but I don’t care too much :person_shrugging::joy:
It will depend on the song, sone songs call for more arrangement and some others for more simplicity. Some are more guitar-driven and in some others, like this one, the guitar is cleaner and blends with the rest of the instruments.

Hi mate! And more variety to come of course, just for nice fellas like you! :v::sunglasses:

Now you definitely don’t talk to me :grin:…I refuse to sing for the time being, practice for a long time first and then maybe :roll_eyes:…and don’t get me wrong, because I should have said also…the solution with the keyboard is a very good one ( after the David solution and I remember the Brian thing…you always can force …uhh ask him :sunglasses:) and is definitely a good option for me if I ever buy a new computer , install daw and get the itch to do whole songs :crossed_fingers:…i love what you are doing it is one of the best solutions for can’t/dare to sing…shall we take lessons together? :laughing:
Greetings and have a great weekend in the heat record breaking country where you live :grimacing:

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Thanks, Roger! :handshake::handshake::handshake: I’m very lucky cause I live in Asturias and here the weather is not that extreme, we enjoy a recently slightly warmed up Atlantic weather :sunglasses: Have an awesome weekend you too :v::muscle:

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Hehe I love that.
Remindere me of Soulwax’s “Too many dj’s” where a run of fake commercials (for dj’s) comes by.

There is a DJ José btw :smiley:

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Very nicely done, as usual. I love the video !

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