King of the road August 24th 2023

Hello all! There’s something special about this community thanks to you all! Here is my first video. Im in Grade 1 and enjoying my new hobby! Thanks for all the feedback! I hope you enjoy!


Good morning Edward, Good steady strumming hand, tapping the foot is always a good thing(some find it very difficult) it seem to come natural to you. Like all beginner chord changes could be smoother but that come with practice and learning songs is the best practice.
Over all it was a good performance. :beers:


Thank you stitch!

Good job Edward. Watching your video I have realized that I’m not tapping my foot anymore because I’m always too focused with what I’m doing with my hands… that’s a good habit. Hope you keep having lots of fun in your journey!

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Thank you Carlos!

Hi Edward, thought you had good rythymn nice steady consistent tempo and chords sounding clear. Well done, keep it up. :clap:

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Thank you Alan!

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You did it Edward, bravo to you! :slight_smile:
As has been said, your strumming hand is doing a fine job of maintaining a steady rhythm and all else follows from that. You may be exhibiting a little of what everybody experiences when recording - the red button anxiety. I sense you are a little more tense than you were earlier today which may have contributed to some small chord fumbles. That is all totally natural and no issue to worry over.
I see you have angled the neck a little and found a sweet spot for your arm to rest allowing free swinging in your right arm. All good.
You have opened the door to this notion of recording your progress now - kudos and good vibes to you!

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Thanks Richard!

Congratulations on your first video Edward. You did well mate. :+1:
As stated, pretty smooth, rhythmic strumming, which is super important. Chord changes are comin along, and you’re lookin in the groove.
Good to get that first one onboard isn’t it?
Looking forward to your progress.
All the best.

Cheers, Shane

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Awesome, thank you Shane for those kind words!

The others have said it all Edward.
My only other comment is look at your guitar strap. It’s loose and not doing anything. Tighten it up a bit. Even sitting down the strap will help with posture and instrument stability.
Well done posting your first AVoYP. Good stuff.

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You’re off to a great start Ed. Thanks for sharing the video.


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@sairfingers @SDKissFan thanks folks, great tips! Great comments!

Hi Edward,

Congratulations on your first video :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap:, as you know and read, that’s a biggie.
Everything else has been said and all that remains is for me… I wish you a lot of fun and a nice learning curve :sunglasses:

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:clap: :clap: :clap:
Bravo, Alan, just making and sharing that first recording is a massive milestone to celebrate.

Lots to like in your playing that has already been highlighted.

All I can add is to commend you on the control of your fingers as you made chord changes. One often sees what we call ‘flying fingers’ but your fingers were making minimal movements staying together as you made your changes.

Keep on keeping on and I look forward to future recordings.

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Hi Edward and congratulations on your first Avoyp! All the good aspects of it have already pointed out and I can just echo them. Very well done! :blush:

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP :partying_face:. Very well done :+1::clap:. Your strumming hand and your tapping foot were very steady. Chord changes looked good. Well done and keep up the good work :smiley:.

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Good job Edward. It’s a great song you picked and I remember learning it as one of my first songs. You’re obviously fairly comfortable with the song. One thing I found when I got to the point that I was happy with my rendition is that I started to train myself to not look at the fret board while playing.
With the A-D-E chords it is relatively easier to start doing the changes without looking looking. The anchor finger means that you are always in contact with the fret board and so shifting between the chords is much easier than say a G-C-D sequence.
Anyway, just my thoughts on how you maybe able to squeeze a bit more juice out of your work so far.


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Thank you all for the kind words and support I greatly appreciate it!