Kingfish - Outside of This Town (Mini Cover) re-recorded one year later

One year ago, I posted my first AVOYP. What a nerve rack that was. :smiley:

You motivated me to improve my audio recording quality, and I worked on this in 2022. I re-recorded this cover to check my progress. I’d appreciate your thoughts about the tone and tips on how and what to improve.

Improved audio quality also helped improve my playing. I learned that better audio quality exposes mistakes, while poor audio quality hides them.

January 2023

January 2022

I can write a post about my 2022 learnings about guitar audio recording if anyone would find this interesting.


Fabulous play, fabulous tone, and souned just awesome, Kamil. Certainly improvement from last year. I particularly noticed your light touch to clean the tone up on the licks before the end.

In case you are not aware you should check YouTube Stats For Nerds (right mouse-click in the video window when the video is playing) and you’ll see that you were fractionally over the YT level threshold. So small on this ocassion that not an issue, just be aware as you don’t want YT to be turning down the level by limiting or compressing which may ruin your dynamics in the future.

Good job!

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Absolutely fabulous playing and great tone. That was awesome.

I’m pretty sure a lot of members of the community would be interested.


Great job Kamil. Huge achievement improvement over your first version. Well done, you captured some terrific tones there.

I’m sure your recording techniques would be of interest to many here.

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Based on the encouragement already received, Kamil, why not start a Learning Log to share goals, progress, lessons learnt etc, over here: #community-hub:learning-logs


Oh that’s superb Kamil!.. and nice to hear from another fan of Kingfish - one of my favourite young (ish) blues players.

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Thank you all. I will post the learnings thread later. :+1:

@DavidP I will be sure to check the stats next time, thanks. :slight_smile:

@twistor59 Kingfish is one of my young(ish) favorites too. :guitar: Happy to meet another fan. :smiley:

Well done! I can notice the difference. Can you notice the difference??? HEEEEEEECK YEAH!!! Lol . Quite the difference from old to new. More feeling the fretboard and nice lil licks that were not present in the first!! Well done brother! Certainly shows you are pushing forward!!

Rock on! Cheers! And SOCIABLE!! :fist_left: :v: :sunglasses:

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What a vast difference a decent sound setup makes. That was really great Kamil.

Did anyone else get a, Personal Jesus vibe in that beginning bit?

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