Knee Deep - Finally inspired enough to post a video

Now i have to memorize it, learn the picking part, and maybe how to smile.



Hi Philip,
Nicely played,…with fast clean chord changes… :sunglasses:

Keep up the good work and eventually a replacement for the backing so that it is more “one” with your guitar playing.

Sounding pretty solid Philip and smiling’s overrated anyway!

Audio captured is good and nice clean changes but I would suggest a wider shot next time to include the guitar body and strumming hand. Always good to see what is happening at that end. It sounds like you’re strumming away constantly but it is common for “beginners” to be a bit stop start. So its always good to be able to see the strumming motion, to pick it up early.

Congrats on your first post.



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Vibes from me for your first AVoYP Philip. Well done. That was a real hillbilly hoedown! Clean chords steady strumming and after the first couple of bars you kept smack in time with your backing track. Look forward to more from you.


Well done on posting your first video Philip. It’s a brave thing to do and it will serve you well. Your strumming is steady, good job.

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Hi Philip, great first share. Good playing.

I agree with @TheMadman_tobyjenner would be great to see more of your guitar and playing in the video.

Hard to tell with the backing track there, so you may have been doing this already - make sure your chord changes hit the 1 on the beat. I think some might have been slightly behind the beat, if that’s the case then change early so you hit the beat. If I’m wrong here please just ignore, was hard to tell.

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Philip.

That was very smooth. Some pretty fast chord changes there and you nailed them. Nicely done.

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Hi Philip, nothing to add to what’s already been said…except I’m fairly certain there was a smile lurking in there, not very well concealed and I’m sure it’ll break out soon. Should do after a performance like that!


After watching your next recording, I could finally check this one out, Philip. Great play and the recording sounded good … loud but good. I can only add my congratulations to all the other comments and celebrate that first shared recording.