Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door - Bob Dylan - remastered!

I too so enjoyed this, Gordon. I love watching your chord change embellishments. You do them so well. So glad to hear another from you. So entertaining. Keep them coming!

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I really enjoyed that, great acoustic playing. Seems like a few beers does the trick, must try that

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Fantastic stuff! Loved it!

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Wow, you’re the total package! What a great performance. With skills like that, just hit record and share.

Like @adi_mrok suggested would be great to see your earlier share from a couple of years back to see how you’ve progressed.

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Super Job Gordon, Great Strumming and Great Voice. Enjoyed This, keep posting more.

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Those fingers didn’t look sore to me! Super job all the way around sir….Rod

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That sounded great. So enjoyed and don’t see a need for more gear. So, what I need is four beers or possibly more for me to get a video to post lol? Not a chance after seeing how well you did. I would probably end up in the floor :wink:.

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That sounded great Gordon. I wouldn’t dare record myself after a few :beers:. :wink:

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@oldhead49 @tRONd @CT @Mari63 @adi_mrok @sclay @batwoman @Socio @DavidP @brianlarsen

Thank you all so much for listening and giving the great support and feedback.

The first thing I have to say is “Drink Responsibly!”
A lot of you have commented on the fact that I had a few beers before posting the song. Probably not recommended as there is fine line between feeling relaxed and then finding that your fingers don’t do what they are told. :woozy_face:

I actually put the whole thing together in less than an hour. I of course knew the song really well so there was no issue there. It’s a 4 open chord, 2 verse, 2 chorus song so it’s got a very straightforward structure.

The Trio+ took care of the backing drum/bass and I went for a style that I felt reflected knockin’ on the door.

That just left the lead riff I wanted to include. The song is in G so I went for a pentatonic scale in Em, the relative minor of G. The fairly simple riff just ‘happened’. I toyed for a bit about creating more than one riff but in the end just looped the same riff over certain parts of the song. I thought it acted as a bit of a ‘hook’. This is the first time I’ve combined the loop and band creator functions of the Trio+. Prior to this I’ve used one or the other. I was pleased with the result so decided to AVoYP it.

I make tongue in cheek comments about my lack of recording equipment and realise the benefits of a more hi-tech approach. I enjoy reading the discussion posts from others about the different DAWs, settings for this that and the other. As I’ve said before, never say never.
I’ve been using an old phone connected to my amp to play streamed backing tracks that I can practice soloing over but that’s just given up the ghost so at the moment I’m stuck.

As for the YouTube thumbnail apparently you can’t change it if you’re uploading from a phone.
The original AVoYP is in my learning log.
Sairfingers’ Learning Log

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@roger_holland @pkboo3 @skinnyt @ZedExDM @jkahn @stephenbowe @Rod58 @JanKR1953 @TheCluelessLuthier @SgtColon

I can apparently only mention 10 users in one post so the previous post is for you guys too!

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I also want to thank those of you who didn’t comment but ‘liked’ the song. Wow, this is getting complicated. :smiley:

That was brilliant Gordon. Your playing and singing was excellent.

From a personal point of view it could have done without the drum backing track but then I do like acoustic just on it’s own (with the electric bit as well).

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Hi Gordon,
Glad you overcame your “fears”(?). Sounded good and was well played. This one had a bit of a different spin on it. I liked your version and hope to hear more down the road…

All the best and take good care,

@SgtColon @LBro

Thanks for the listen guys.
Not really ‘fears’ LB. It’s just I think the site has changed a bit from people learning guitar and posting their songs to people learning production and posting their songs. Nothing wrong with that of course, it’s just different.

Yes Stefan, the drums could be left out. I felt they added a bit of depth and I tried to find a style that sounded a bit like knockin’ on a door. :smiley:

I feel you Gordon. I too record everything on my cell phone. If I’m going to spend money it’s going to be on a resonator, not on fancy recording equipment or even a computer that can handle the recordings. :wink:

Anyway, no need to feel intimidated. That was a fantastic rendition. I always enjoy the music you post up. Keep it coming. :+1:


Thanks Joe, I appreciate the listen and support. As I said earlier I’m a bit tongue in cheek about my lo-tech approach.

I’m currently considering buying a laptop to replace my almost dead 20 year old desktop pc. I quite fancy an Apple as they have built in GarageBand but they are twice the price of Windows versions. We’ll see. :smiley:

@LievenDV @DavidP @Richard_close2u
Targeted reply still hit and miss for me. I use the @ function when it doesn’t work.

And that’s the worst kind of issue to resolve, Gordon, when the issue is non-deterministic, not repeatable.

Playing catch up on a few posts I missed and needed to visit.

Well you’ve just proved low simple tech is just as good as all the fancy wizardry. Well put together BT with the solo meandering in the background and a solid live performance from your good self. I’ve said it before and say it again Gordon you are definitely ready for that Open Mic experience. Don’t listen to the voices in your head most of their advice is a million miles from the truth. Good to see you posting again. Next ??

Thanks Toby, glad you enjoyed it. I’m going to try introducing riffs into my future playing either as backing using the looper or as part of the song. You can only go so far with strum-a-dum-dum! :smiley:
I’ve neglected my fingerstyle recently so I need to get that going too.

At the moment I have no desire to do an open mic, but much like buying equipment, never say never. :wink:

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Appreciated! Thank you for sharing.

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