Kyllswitch Live!

So we did it, finished bike week, made some friends, got some decent videos to start building our press kit with. The sound guy was great.

Please enjoy! We had a blast with the new sound guy.

Here’s a couple of my personal favorites:

Two Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden:

For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica:

I Don’t Know - Ozzy Osbourne:

We’re Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister:

Metal Health - Quiet Riot:


Bravo and congrats, John, you, the band, and the sound guy. I sampled some of the videos and it both looks and sounds fabulous.

I know it has been quite a journey since you first spoke about this. I’m sure it felt amazing to enjoy this culmination of all the hard work that it has taken to reach this point. Now may you go on to bigger stages and audiences!

John, at last, back on the road, back on the stage, playing live and rocking the house.
I’m thrilled for you, all those hours, days, weeks and months of work and practice and waiting too until live music was back on the agenda.
Rock on my friend.

Way to rock, John. Can’t believe you played for that long :sunglasses:
What a tight set.
I’m just back from ringing the tenor bell before Sunday service thinking:
“Yeah! I’m the Endureth of the tower!” This bell’s tolling for you! :rofl:

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Thanks everyone! Yes close2u, finally. We got some good footage to work on a press kit for more shows now. David, yeah the sound guy was great, straight from the UK. Brian, you make me want to get a real bell now!

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Thrilled to bits for you John. It’s clear that you’ve put in the time and work to build a team, get the gear, practice the skills and knit together as a band. Well done.

Great stuff John, Rock on :metal::metal::metal:

Thanks Darrell and batwoman! Couldn’t be happier!

We’ve turned the shows into a promo video to get us future shows.

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Great set, great promo - happy for you guys and hopefully you land some more gigs soon! I think I enjoyed Metallica song the most, as probably it is one I like the most originally from all of the others :sweat_smile:

Wow you guys are so good! Every one of you!! That promo video site shows what you can play, it should definitely help get lots of gigs.

Hi Guys,
That went well…congratulations on this milestone, suprise that you got some decent video material from it…enjoy it after.

Guys that was great and you got some good quality footage there. Sound was really good as well. Great performances all around. People really started getting into We’re Not Gonna Take It. Looks like you had a great time. Hopefully that Promo/highlights video will get some other gigs your way.

That was a really great set John. Sounding awesome. It was good to see the audience up and dancing. That must be a really confidence boosters for you guys.

Hopefully now you’ll be on to bigger and better things. :metal: :sunglasses: