La Bamba by Ritchie Valens Lesson

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Anyone else having trouble following the lesson without the two string strum. The basic pattern is displayed as the Justin teaches but then at some point the pattern repeats but restarts on the fifth string, third fret I believe. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Steve, @BarrhamianSteve
No problem with me here…but could it be possible that you mixed up the intro riff with the riff through the song? (that’s how I read it )…
I hope I helped you with this.

Have fun with this seemingly easy song (riff)that took me a very long time to master :grimacing:


Edit: Lesson Riff Lamba

I think this will help you more than my words…have fun :sunglasses:

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Hi Roger, it took be a while but it finally dawned on my I was commenting on the song when I meant to be commenting on the riff lesson…lol. I still don’t understand why the riff lesson is so different than the song one but regardless both are fun. Thank you again for the help. I’m slowly getting there.

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