La Bamba JG App

I am using La Bamba from the Justin Guitar App to practice triads.

Song uses CFG repeatedly.

Bar 1 C - - - F - - G
Bar 2 - - - - - - - -

The strum for this song in the app is

D - D - DU DU

Based on this pattern and how the bar is presented in the app, in Bar 1 G is only strummed once on the last up strum.

Is this correct?

Watch the 1st minute of this:

and you will have your answer.

Thanks forresponse. I watched video. Did not necessarily get my answer. The strum pattern from the La Bamba video I think is:



The second bar would be all G’s.

In JG app the only strum pattern is:


My thought is the app is mainly to help beginners like myself get used to strumming and changing chords on the strum. And, the app is not intended to teach an authentic rendition of the original song.

Getting back to my original question, with the strum pattern in the JG app is the G chord supposed to be played on the last up strum in the bar where CF and G are played?

I want to be sure I am using the app correctly and is the reason for my question.

Thanks in advance.

You are right that the JG app is very much a starting point to get people playing songs. It will give you places to change your chord so it will sound in tune and a basic strumming pattern that will sound ok played alongside the song. If you want to sound like the actual song then you’ll need to either use additional resources or figure it out yourself.

I think your reading of the notation in the app is correct even though a quick change to a G for the final upstrum is quite tricky. You could also take the 2 bar pattern from the video and play that over the app, with the app still being useful in helping you to keep time. That’s often how I use the app

Ok thanks for the info.