La Bamba Riff Lesson on JustinGuitar

“La Bamba” - a fun riff to practice all the skills you learned in Module 10!

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Am I missing something as it appears there is a missing note in the `tab at the end shouldn’t here be a finish note with 3 fret on the 5th string ?

I agree with Garry9665 on the ending C note. Also, shouldn’t the second full bar start with 1 or does it matter?

The C note is already in the first bar after the pick up part. You can add it to the end if you want. The tab diagram on the video is a bit simplified. But you can clearly see the repeat signs on the video description below.
And I think Justin only puts numbers and pluses for the notes that you need to play. Maybe he is trying say that you need to wait and shouldn’t play any note at 1.

Not to be “that guy” but aren’t the first lyrics to the song “para bailar la bamba” not “la la la la la bamba”?

Fun fact, Ritchie Valens didn’t really know how to speak Spanish, he was only able to sing this in spanish specifically because he practiced the pronunciation of the lyrics phonetically over and over


Had a real blast learning the entire lesson. Started out with the riff, then harmony and finished it off with also doing the strumming c-f-g push.

Can really feel myself improving learning new things and implementing them

I would sing “La la la la bamba” when I heard it come on the radio as a kid. Recently I learned spanish and realized it was “Para bailar la bamba.” Yes, you are correct lol

I will always hate you, Mini F. With a passion! lol