La Canción del Pirata - Tierra Santa. OM XI Performance

Hello all!

It is time for my monthly upload of me playing and I’m happy to share the fragment of my participation in the Open Mic XI :blush:.

The nervousness didn’t allow me to introduce properly the song. It is “La canción del pirata” from Tierra Santa. I wanted to share this song with you for some reasons:

First, it is a song from a great Spanish band, so I wanted to promote a bit of my local culture :blush:

Secondly, the lyrics of the song aren’t original by the band. It is, actually, a very popular Spanish poem. The author is José de Espronceda and was published in 1835. I don’t know if they still do it at school, but when I was in middle school, we had to learn the poem by heart. The poem “La canción del pirata” means “The pirate song”. It talks about the freedom of a pirate that doesn’t care about all the politics and material stuff that kings, nobles, and people, in general, do on the mainland.

I’d had liked to say too, that my performance was a tribute to the bass player of the band (Roberto Gonzalo) who suffered recently a heart attack on stage. Gladly he is well and sound. Hope he can completely recover and see them again live.

As I said in the OM (the only thing I managed to say :joy:), it is a very special song for me. It was one of the first Power Metal songs I’ve listened to. And one of the first songs I tried to learn at my first failed attempt to learn guitar 15 years ago. So I’m very happy to finally be able to perform it in front of such a great audience as JGC.

On the side of things to improve… it would’ve been great if I had recorded my local audio. But at least I have the recording from the OM to remember this milestone of my guitar journey (Thank you to all that make this possible). I said that I had the goal of performing in an Open Mic before the year ends. And I did it! :metal:. I’ll have to revisit my goals and start to think of the goals for the coming year.

I’ve been reading the logs of the Zoom chat and wow, thank you all for such a great support during my performance. And all of you that were with your horns up in front of the camera :metal: (@brianlarsen, I saw you a couple of times head-banging so hard that I thought you were going to hit the computer :joy:).

And that’s it, I leave here my performance for the record


Edgar, you were magnifica.

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Hi Edgar,
Well played - nice T-shirt, too!


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Very nice! I appreciate that you listed this publicly on youtube! That’s how we should all roll. I no longer listen to or comment on unlisted/private tracks.

You rocked it pretty steady, dig the guitar, the tone and your attitude. Rock on my good man!

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Hola, Edgar
Muchas gracias for the shout out, but your performance deserved it.
Not only did you smash the bar for the metal industry in our OMs, but more importantly, you broke through the camera and truly connected with your audience. For me, that’s the most enjoyable aspect of any live performance.
It was a simple pleasure to rock out at your gig. I’m only sad that I couldn’t hang around and be as involved with all the other performances. Running over last-minute checks and rehearsals, especially when playing with someone else is too big of a distraction. I always know I can catch up later and savour the goodness :smiley:
Hasta la vista, baby! :metal: :sunglasses: :metal:

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I loved it Edgar - there was such a variety of genres in the performances on Saturday - but you absolutely nailed the metal corner. I couldn’t see your nerves at all.

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Hi Edgar,
Nice and heavy and fun to watch… :sunglasses: :bouquet: :clap: :sunglasses:

Loved it Edgar, fantastic tone

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Hi Edgar, always a pleasure to see and hear your performances. Metal isn’t my favourite music but this one was great. Impressed about your playing! Wow, that’s thrilling! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thanks, Richard. The same goes for you and your augmented chord :slight_smile:

Thank you Himawari :blush:

The T-shirt is from the recent Tour of the Irons. They came to Spain this July :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. And kind of get inspired of how I like a metal guitarist to be on stage. They have so much energy…

Thank you for listening Clint :metal:.

I put everything public because I want to lose the shame of being watched. That and OMs will help :slight_smile:

So glad you enjoyed it. I had my doubts because it was metal and it was in Spanish. But as I’ve always seen this community so open-minded and supportive I went for it. What I didn’t expect was what would I feel seeing people enjoying my performance. Living the dream :metal::guitar:.

I’ve been watching the OM again too. The nervousness was too big :sweat_smile:

We are a diverse guitar community, indeed. Nowadays there are tons of online teachers on youtube, but I have the feeling that they have a more specific audience. MusicIsWin, for example, is totally metal. So it is great the diversity here

Thank you for watching :blush::metal:

Thanks, buddy. I’m looking forward seeing you rockin’ too in the next one :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. If you’re not really into metal I appreciate even more that you watched it and enjoyed it .

Rock on! :metal::metal:

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Well said sir! You just picked up a new subscriber. Play on playa!

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I said it in the night and I’ll say it again, what a fantastic debut Edgar. Thought the song was great and I was “giving it large” with muted string and rocking along with you. Thought playing was super especially given the pressure a live performance and great to see you singing along at times. Well done senor !

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Thanks, Toby. I knew you said it :blush:. Actually, your voice stand out on my headset and I clearly heard you saying “What a debut”. Almost blushing with everyone cheering at the end. Thanks a lot

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Very well played Edgar. Excellent debut. I had a read of the lyrics too which were very interesting. Though not sure the translated lyrics are completely right as sometimes things can get lost in translation.

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:metal: :metal: :metal: I loved it.

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Thank you, James, :blush:. Sure the general idea is well-translated. Glad you liked that much to search for the lyrics.

Thx for watching, Stefan :metal::metal::metal::guitar: