Labour of Love (original song)

have a listen to “LABOR of LOVE”
I would appreciate any constructive feedback or musical critique
thanks for listening


Hi Danny,

Really good job, a lovely song and I think your voice works really well for it. This isn’t a musical thing but you should consider recording in landscape mode so we can see your fret work. It sounded good to me though!

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Have to agree with Alex, vocals really suited the song. Not one I know but well sung and well played with some deft thumb work !


That was quite enjoyable. Never heard of the song but it was really pretty nice!

That was great Danny. Nothing constructive to add as I thought you nailed it.

Thanks for listening

Ur right I need work on my video skills!

Thanks for listening

Thanks for the listen

I’m late to this party, Danny, and got here after listening to ‘Make It’.

Generally speaking, lots to like in terms of your composition, both the chord progressions, melody, and lyrics. I especially enjoyed the finger-style in the verses of this song, such a wonderful groove.

I was hearing a West Indies influenced folk vibe, which reminded me of some songs I heard in my youth (not that I can be specific) and maybe West Indies is not on the money, maybe it is more Creole … I don’t know. At any rate it had a happy lilt to it.

And then the lyrics were not quite as happy, a story of life and hard work but the upbeat message of what is important … love.

You did ask for constructive feedback.critique … the only thing I felt a bit awkward about was the accent with which you sung some of the lyrics. Based on your other videos, I assume you are American, though I’d not be sharp enough to have any idea from where.

I think you write songs that tell a story, write engaging lyrics, and play and sing pretty well. My suggestion would be to develop your own natural singing voice to sing your songs your way. Listening to one of the other videos I got the sense that maybe you were going for a 50s/60s Woodie Guthrie or early Dylan sound.

That’s just my opinion, not a hard and fast, right or wrong, just maybe something to think about and then use it or lose it.

Lots to like as I said, and I look forward to more original songs from you. Meanwhile, I suggest you go over to #community-hub:introduce-yourself and post up a personal intro there that can share a little personal background, guitar/music history, and goals/aspirations you have as a member of the JG Community.

I took the liberty of of replacing the YT URL in the post subject with the name of the song.

Once again, warm welcome to the Community.

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Another great original. Keep writing, you definitely have a knack for it. Great performance as well.

Got to say, I had a belly laugh just now!!!

Not because of your song, that was great & I really enjoyed the vibe it made me feel. Well played & you were spot on with your singing!

The funny part came because I was guessing that you were from Louisiana or maybe East Texas - then when I saw that you’re from Vermont… I really had a good, good laugh :joy_cat: out loud!!!

Back to your song, first video I’ve seen from you & it was solid & very enjoyable! Nicely done!


Yes I felt I had to get into someone else’s head and voice but it was fun to do

Thanks for the listen
I should get back ti playing that one!

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