Lady Greensleeves

Excellent performance, Radek!
Plus, there is also a great guitar tone.
And your facial expression does not need criticism :wink:
Thanks for sharing,

Really enjoyed that! What a lovely tone from that guitar!

Very nice, Radek. Your fingers float over the fretboard. You don’t lack joy in your facial expression. I see joy and contentment. Very pretty piece.

Nice going Radek! Really enjoying your old-timey, classical inspired pieces. I love how this place brings together so many styles - we all start at the same point (the beginners course) and head in a million different directions.

Don’t worry about facial expressions, you look focused more than anything. It’ll come naturally soon enough and you’ll be making guitar faces with the best of them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Nice playing Radek, I have played it in the Classical style but have always fancied having a go at a Metal style cover :joy: might be fun!

Haha, you should see Angela Petrilli play…….

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@SS7 @DarrellW add Joe Satriani to that list.

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Haha, this list could easily get out of hand :joy::joy::joy:

Thank you kindly Leo :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you Jay. It’s just a little bit of reverb :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks Pamela :smiley:. I’m glad you liked it!

Thanks Ivan :slightly_smiling_face:. I have similar feeling, we all start from one single point but our paths go in so many different places. If it wasn’t Justin I would probably never got anywhere with the guitar.

As for the facial expressions, they really feel what they do :+1: and it’s beautiful :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks Darrel! I never heard a metal version of this song, this idea sounds super interesting :smiley:.

This is some serious physical labour this lady is doing! :open_mouth:

Really excellent Radek. I enjoyed the music very much and it was pure joy seeing your fingers move :star_struck:.

Very nice Radek… like you said… a bit more expression and you’re good to go

Thank you kindly Swashata :slight_smile:.

Thanks Sandy :slight_smile:. Yes, in time, at some point I should be able to do this :sweat_smile:.