Lady Greensleeves

I presented this piece once here some time ago as an audio file but decided to record it again with myself actually playing the song. I did it differently though, I used a capo and played much faster to achieve a dance-like vibe (I once heard a “dance” version and it stuck in my memory).

I definitely need to work on my facial expression, hardly reflecting any joy from the song’s lyrics :sweat:.


That was lovely Radek. You captured the Henry VIII Tudor vibe! :smiley:

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That was awesome to me. I don’t find anything wrong with your facial expression! Thanks for sharing!

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That was a very enjoyable listen, nicely played.

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Another great recording Radek, very enjoyable rendition. Was nice to see you playing it this time, as the video clearly shows your technique, which may help others like me.

Don’t worry about the facial expressions, you just looked zoned in and concentrating 1000%. Nothing wrong in that ! :sunglasses:

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Nicely played, Radek; very enjoyable!

Are you familiar with John Renbourn’s arrangements of medieval tunes for acoustic guitar? If not, I think you’d probably like them. A youtube search turns up some, but there are more out there.

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Thought that name rang a very distant bell and see he was with Pentangle. Boy that takes me back to my early teens, late 60s, good share. Research required methinks :smiley:

Thanks Gordon :slightly_smiling_face:. It is my only 16th-century ballad or romanesca I managed to learn so far but glad you liked it.

Thank you Maidie :blush:. Thing is I always picture myself playing with a kind smile on my face but always ending up focused not to mess up anything. Perhaps one day after years of practice :sweat_smile:.

Than you Mari :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you Sir :grinning:. It is a very simple piece, this version that is, so it is very quick to learn and figure out.

Thanks Jason :slightly_smiling_face:. I must confess I’m not familiar with John Renbourn’s arrangements but quickly checked it up. This is probably what inspired/inspires Ritchie Blackmore when he writes music for Blackmore’s Night :grinning:, great stuff!

There is this part of my interested in original period pieces (and modern music stylised to sound like period piece), classical music, shanties and folk and the other part dragging towards contemporary music like pop or acoustic metal songs. At the moment I’m trying to balance what I practice to not lock myself in any one type of genre.

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I know the feeling. My interest in music is wide ranging and crosses many genres, too (a while back I posted an arrangement of Robin Reddocke, a 16th century lute piece that played on guitar and added some other instruments). I’m enjoying the older and classical influenced pieces you’ve posted, in any case. I’d just follow wherever your muse leads you. And post the results here, of course! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you’re right; I’d forgotten that, actually.

Absolutely, thanks for the encouragement :slightly_smiling_face:.


After yours and Ivan’s encouragement on my Learning Log, I went to have a look at the website he suggested, so I have been learning this version today, slow and careful but getting there !



Lovely playing Radek. You look more relaxed in this one. Facial expression is fine.

Wonderful stuff Radek, very nicely played.

Don’t worry about your face, the joy comes through in your music.

Great Toby, this version sounds nice and subtle. Hope you are enjoying it :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you Maggie! :blush:

Thanks Stefan :slightly_smiling_face:. I have the happy face version of myself in my mind, hopefully one day I will be able to project it outside :grinning:.

perfect match of song+sound! Feel like installing Skyrim again or something :smiley:

You certainly improved in keeping that even flow, it shows that practice pays off!
Keep up that good work.
Don’t be too self aware about how you look when playing, here we judge only ourselves in that department and even then it’s one judgement too much :smiley:


Thanks Lieven :slightly_smiling_face:. I guess they key to progress is to be systematic and persistent. Not to mention kind people that correct the errors :sweat_smile:.

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Easily recognisable and great little tune I well remember from my schoolday music lessons. Radek, a nice landmark on your guitar journey. Sounded lovely.
P.S. Was it really true that the lady got her green sleeves while engaging in certain activities in the long grass? So the legend has it!

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Nice keep it up! That was one of the first songs i learned on acoustic!!

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Thank you John :slightly_smiling_face:. As for the lady in question, that’s on of possible interpretations. The other popular one is referring to the green as colour of lightness in love, which makes more sense to me when looking at the song’s lyrics “Greensleeves is my delight”, this is the perception of colour green in medieval period. In renaissance it is associated with all types of passions and emotions.

Thanks Byron! Me to, that’s probably second piece I learned as a whole. Right now I’m working on something completely different but I would like to get back to period pieces at some point with proper instrument and more experience.