Lakewood M-35 CP

So far I was quite happy with Takamine GN30CE working as main instrument, however after about 1,5 year it developed some issues (rattling wires falling out of sockets) and with 44 mm nut not exactly fingerstyle friendly.

After a research I settled with Lakewood M-35 CP (initially I was aiming at M-32 CP but it was very hard to find) and purchased it online from Musik Produktiv.

Lakewood is a small German guitar manufacturer, it’s instruments are developed with the help of Ulli Bögershausen and Sungha Jung, my favourite fingerstyle artists.

The guitar came in sturdy Hiscox Lakewood hard case. Surprisingly, it was still in tune. The nut width (46 mm) really helps to approach classical pieces, overlapping fingers issue that I had disappeared. Sustain is great, the sound goes steadily for quite some time. Action is very good, I’m used to extra light strings, this guitar comes with light set (11-52) and despite this fact the playability is still great. One of the most prominent features is clarity of the sound, it is very accurate, overtones are pleasant. L. R. Baggs Anthem pickup is very true, I really like it’s warm feel.

To define this instrument, it was design with solo fingerstyle players in mind and as such it does a great job. If there is anything, it is quite fragile and delicate.


Enjoy the new instrument, Radek, sounds like a match made in heaven.

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That looks absolutely fabulous, if it sounds how it looks I’m wishing it was mine :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Very purdy Radek, enjoy!!

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Thanks guys! I did some simple pickup test recording (stuff I’m working on, exercises etc.). It of course sounds better through the mic but with my “studio” being a bedroom siding with kids rooms it is quite often not possible to go with the mic.

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Nice lookin guitar Radik love the rosette. Have to listen to the sound clip at work it doesn’t play on my tablet.

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Thanks Rick, I don’t have many instruments but this one stands out, both in the finish quality and the sound.

Happy NDG Radek, that is a very lovely looking guitar. It also sounded amazing. I hope it bring you many years of happiness.