Lament (Original)

An original piece based on a short chord progression loop that I recorded in August of 2020.

Lament (Dropbox/WAV)

This one has MIDI drums and bass from my DAW. Acoustic guitar and low whistle are real instruments (i.e. not MIDI) played by me, and the viola is played by my daughter.

EDITED to add the following link to the “accompaniment only” track (no viola or low whistle).

Lament (accomp. only) (Dropbox/WAV)

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Evocative, haunting and easy to listen to Jason. The voila is exquisite.

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That’s really lovely, and beautifully mixed/produced.

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@batwoman @iainism - Thank you!

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Beautiful. :sunglasses:


Thanks, Toby.

Lament started out as a chord progression I was playing and decided to record so I wouldn’t lose track of it. When I played it as loop I was messing around with the low whistle and came up with a melody, so I added that. Then I wrote it out of my daughter and had her play it on viola while I joined on her whistle. Who knows where recording a short loop will lead! :slight_smile:

Your talent flows through to your daughter. That must be fun for you. Very nice listen for sure. Tell your daughter it wouldn’t be the same without her!

Thank you, Dave, I’ll tell her. And I agree: the viola elevates it.