Last Year's Tune; Skyscraper Stan

@brianlarsen For me the scream at 4:50 was one of the highlights. I’m with you on this one. I like weird. :smiley:

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Some nice guitar and vocals work going on in this one. Your doing some good stuff and even more so when the crew gathers! Hopefully the Inn is still open, what with all this production going down?

Keep it up and Merry Christmas!

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@CD02 Thanks, mate. Awesomely generous comment. Glad you enjoyed :smiley:

Too much time on my hands, some might say :rofl:
Actually, I had just watched an Aussie comedy Colin from Accounts and a song caught my ear as the credits were rolling. The Google-beast pointed me to Sky… :smiley:
Yeah, listening habits have just changed. Not for the worse. I prefer living in a world where I can choose to listen to whatever I want rather than just was offered/available whilst growing up.
I agree on the guitar. Chris is a good gunslinger to have by your side :wink:

@LBro Howdy and thank you kindly, Brother. Much appreciated :smiley:
This is a busy time of the year for us inn-keepers. Fattened vegetables being slaughtered for returning prodigal offspring. I also had to make an unexpected trip to London yesterday to pick up the in-laws who were looking after a dying sister. They decided to stay for Christmas and took the last room.
I suppose I could always find space in our shed for the birth of a Messiah if required :rofl:

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Very nice! Still an OG of your own form of expression.

Perfect is the enemy of good and vice versa. :slight_smile:

I also like your strategy of bouncing around the various community recording options so that your monthly AVoYp tracks don’t get balled up into a single amalgamated post. Something to consider. I prefer having my tracks stand alone. Well done!

EDIT: To post in at least two or three different community recording forums per month would be a good goal in the coming year.


Cheers, Clint.
I’m with you on messing around with different forms of music and not trying to ‘recreate’ what’s been done before, but strategy? :laughing:
The bulk of my songs are loose sing ‘n’ strum covers of songs I love (and believe others should be made aware of!). Every couple of months I’ll do a family and friends collaboration and if I’m lucky, my muse will drop by a few times a year. That’s how they end up in the different categories :wink:
I’d never hit those goals if I tried :open_mouth: